Watchable Meets Shoppable This Holiday Season

By Grant Gorton • October 2, 2019

Every year we all experience the frenzy that is the holiday shopping season, and today it’s louder than ever. Our world is flooded with holiday-themed video advertisements, banners and mailers oh my!

How can a brands’ creative truly connect with their consumer base and stand out from all of that noise? Here at KERV, we believe you can set your brand apart this holiday season by providing your consumers with a new and unique brand experience through interactive video merging the online shopping experience with your traditional, promotional video creative.

What if your target audience(s) could learn more about your products, brands, services, etc. without leaving the video they are watching? On top of that, what if those users could also add your products into a shopping cart directly within that same video? KERV’s interactive video platform does just that and more. The new user engagement data you will gather can also help to inform future creative and production decisions.

Our patented, interactive video technology  gives users the opportunity to lean into your brand’s content more than ever before. Users can create their own conveniently customized journey through a dimensional experience, and you will be able to see the exact steps each individual user takes that pull them closer to purchase your products or services.

This holiday season, KERV wants to give the gift of helping brands be that “diamond in the rough” by creating all new engagement opportunities with their users and generate increased revenue from your video. Our interactive video technology will not only allow users to have an in-video shopping cart experience, but we are also providing them with the opportunity to spend more time with your brand in general. Sit back and watch your brand’s engagement levels skyrocket. 

When users spend more time with your brand, this means they are establishing a deeper connection and a clearer path for purchase. KERV is making the shopping experience easier and more convenient. Every single product or object within your video can inform, excite or encourage your user base to do more, giving them the additional details they need to help with their holiday shopping decisions. 

Additionally, KERV is able to re-target users with sequential versions of your video, tailored specifically based on their interactions. Users who have already interacted and “shopped” your video will see the ad again with their abandoned shopping cart items included, if they did not link out to purchase.

Interactive video allows for extended value of your video content, providing new creative control to help differentiate your content from the crowd. Showcase your holiday deal promotions, for each unique product within your videos, and even control the tone and voice through custom object descriptions. You can also take advantage of creating multiple product experiences, curated specifically for each distinct demographic you are trying to reach. Text, objects and even the colors of your product identifiers – “object glow” – and primary call-to-action buttons can be customized with KERV’s platform. 

By combining our creative customizations with a live shopping cart functionality, you will bring a fresh and powerful tool to the market. As users add to their cart, the primary call-to-action will indicate the number of products in their cart. Once clicked/tapped, they will be redirected to a filled shopping cart directly on the client/brand site.

The truth is that technology should be helping to make our lives easier. Why not amplify your story this holiday season by creating less obstacles for brand engagement and user attribution? Enhance your visual content with interactive and shoppable video to make everyone’s lives easier this holiday season. 

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