KERV creates unique interactive experiences from existing videos, driving deeper user engagement and time spent with brands. With interactive video, advertisers gain a boost in performance along with a concrete way to measure true campaign success. KERV provides unique object‑level 1st party data and the first true action‑based accountability reporting for video in the market.

More Interaction + Greater Performance

KERV’s interactive video technology provides new opportunities for user engagement, allowing your audience to lean in and spend more valuable time with your brands—generating significantly more time interacting and higher CTRs than any standard In-stream campaign.

Next-level Data

KERV’s unique experience brings a new way of tracking user interactions through our 15+ action-based metrics. This gives your team access to proprietary, user engagement data that provides greater insight and understanding of how your audience actually engages with your brand.

Build a Better Audience

By utilizing our object and user-level performance data, you can now build unique touch-pattern groups for enhanced optimizations and retarget your audience with more relevant content catered to their specific actions. Leave the old way of thinking about video behind for a more powerful experience for both brands and audiences.

How It Works

KERV’s platform requires no added video production and can ingest mp4, mov etc. or Vast tags. Through AI/ML, the platform will automatically scan video files, dynamically identifying unique objects within a scene in any video. The system then automatically matches object titles, descriptions and link out URLs for each object from product feeds, web pages or an asset file.


Combined with meticulous research and focus group user-testing, we have also directly tested our tech with over 100 million unique users, finding that our intuitive experience is bringing an unforeseen increase in user adoption and unmatched engagement rates that surpass traditional In-stream video.


Time Spent

Time spent with the brand in comparison to traditional In-stream.


User Engagement

More points of interest mean more opportunities for users to engage. More engagement means more time spent with and knowledge of your product/service.


Interaction Rates

Users have proven a willingness to interact, indicating an interest in absorbing more brand knowledge. When users lean in and invest their time you win.

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