KERV creates a more powerful digital experience for both brands and audiences through the use of patented interactive video technology. Turn existing video creatives into an interactive experience to drive deeper user engagement, gain a boost in performance and increase time spent with your brand.

Interactive video engagement concept

Increased Video Engagement + Performance

Unlock new opportunities for user engagement. Interactive video allows your audience to lean in and spend more valuable time with your brand.

Interactive video data concept

Data-Driven Results

With 15+ proprietary, action-based metrics and object-level precision, understand your consumers journey in a whole new light.

Optimize Your Audiences

Utilize user-level performance data to deliver more relevant content catered to unique touch-pattern groups.

How It Works

No video production needed. KERV’s interactive video platform can ingest file types including mp4, mov, etc. OR vast tags. Artificial intelligence and cutting-edge machine learning allows the platform to automatically create interactive experiences from existing videos. Unique objects are dynamically identified in each scene, and paired with customizable titles, descriptions and link-out URLs.


Through meticulous research and focus group testing, KERV’s platform has been successfully adopted by over 100 million unique users. Our interactive experience brings increased user adoption and engagement rates, greatly surpassing traditional in-stream video.


Brand Visibility

Increase time users spend with your brand’s video content.


Video Engagement

Increase your video engagement with unlimited, object-level interaction points.


Video Interaction

Increase video interaction rates using action-based tactics that encourage users to explore.

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