Teams & Leagues Surviving During COVID: Interactive Video is Shaping the Digital Broadcast of Sports News

By kerv • July 21, 2020

The pandemic has impacted countless industries, but perhaps none more severe than sports – live games and the millions of fans who enjoy them have literally disappeared. Yet, with innovative video technology, teams and entire leagues can still engage fans with relevant, compelling content while pivoting sponsorship and revenue opportunities.

KERV Interactive, a multi-award-winning and patented interactive video technology, is helping teams and fans stay connected and enjoy sports-related content while actual games are on hiatus. The technology also creates interactive strategies for those leagues that need to survive without ticket sales and/or partnership revenues.

Interactive video can boost the sports experience in multiple ways:


KERV’s interactive technology can be leveraged for continually keeping fans in the know on prospective leagues’ decisions and when games will be played. The tech can also be used for in-arena or in-game sponsorship opportunities that are more digitally focused.

Tailored Communication.

Interactive video gives leagues and teams the ability to dynamically speak to different target audiences like diehard fans, casual fans, etc. while also optimizing communication strategies for sponsor brands.

Inform About Change.

KERV’s technology can extend the shelf life of creative elements by seamlessly informing target audiences about real-time changes like season ticket holder status, safety measures being implemented, or new protocols to protect potential in-person attendees.


With interactive video, users can link from any product shown in a video directly to the purchase page on the team’s site, increasing the probability for conversions and sales. More direct, in-content purchase opportunities are in the works.


Interactive video can add depth to a singular video with object-level messaging focusing on a wider variety of resources: community service initiatives, charity, social responsibility resources, team events, and more.


With KERV’s technology, leagues and teams can amplify exposure value for sponsors by directly linking to multiple sponsor pages all from within the interactive experience.

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