Spotlight: Jeannine Jacobi

By Grant Gorton • March 18, 2021

In this months spotlight series, KERV is celebrating Women’s History Month by focusing its attention on innovating women business owners, content creators, entrepreneurs and more.

We are excited to spotlight yet another one of our own, Jeannine Jacobi of Fresh PR. Jeannine is the Founder and Principal of Fresh PR, and has been working closely with KERV on all of our PR initiatives for several years now.

How did you get to this point?

Shortly after graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I got my first job at a boutique public relations firm specializing in music and entertainment.  The pay was terrible, but the experience was priceless.  I handled tour press for indie and major music artists, and was also lucky enough to work on and be a part of some major, once-in-a-lifetime events including the first Three Tenors Concert at Dodgers Stadium and Woodstock ‘94.

Unfortunately, the company closed its doors a year after I started, but it wasn’t long before I started a new job with a midsize electronic publicity company that produced satellite and radio media tours, video news releases, electronic press kits and more.  I learned an entirely different area of PR and also learned how to navigate around the broadcast world.

After several years in electronic publicity, I switched over to a large communications firm, which gave me firsthand experience into the corporate world and working with major gaming and consumer electronic brands, as well as with incredible art institutions.  I eventually left the firm to head up the communications department at a nonprofit, which was an incredible experience in itself…raising awareness for an organization doing so much good for women, children and families.

It was during my time at the nonprofit when I came to realize that all the incredible organizations, I had been fortunate enough to work with, learn from and grow as a PR professional were all owned and operated by strong, independent and confident women.  Shortly after this realization, I decided to start my public relations consultancy. Thus, Fresh PR was born.

What matters most to you?

Never give up!  Staying strong, fighting through the tough times and never quitting is something my parents taught me throughout my younger years, and reinforced as an adult when I entered the work force. As a woman, entrepreneur and mother of two preteens who are experiencing the trials of pandemic life, it’s important to me that they learn resiliency and to grow from persevering through challenges.

Check out Jeannines: LinkedIn or learn more about Fresh PR

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