How Sambucol Increased Consumer Engagement with Dynamic QR Codes

By Steven Barr • May 20, 2022


Sambucol, the Original Black Elderberry brand, was looking for innovative ways to use video to connect with their targeted audience and raise awareness and purchase consideration for their immune support products. They needed a solution that would:

  • Provide a dynamic QR code to drive users to landing pages
  • Retarget engaged users with multi-retailer versions of the creative
  • Provide a direct to retailer user experience via video

They recognized the opportunity to leverage KERV’s technology and transform the passive encounters of standard pre-roll video into an active one, inviting consumers to engage with the brand and its products directly. 


Using KERV TV, Sambucol was able to add dynamic QR codes to their video ads and then use the unique, first-party data captured by KERV to retarget with multi-retailer versions of their creative using KERV Shop. This allowed them to provide a direct path for consumers to purchase Sambucol’s Black Elderberry products from their preferred retailer. 


KERV Report

Overall, KERV TV drove a significant lift in awareness and reach. By retargeting with KERV Shop, Sambucol dramatically increased product engagement.


  • QR scans: 667
  • Completion Rate: 97.81% (exceeded benchmark by 3%)
  • Additional earned minutes: 2,870,936


  • Clickthrough rate: 3.79% (exceeded the benchmark by 658%)
  • Interaction rate: 12.88% (exceeded the benchmark by 1617%)

Brand Lift Report

KERV’s technology is able to capture data at the unique object level, making it possible to create user segments against any of the interactive objects shown within a video creative. With this in mind, KERV was able to structure a clean brand lift throughout the campaign that delineated users into the standard brand lift study buckets: exposed and unexposed. KERV was also able to introduce a third, more qualified bucket of data consisting of users who were exposed and interacted with the KERV’d video assets. This unique group of users can help brands like Sambucol better understand the lift associated with KERV’s interactive ad experiences.

Sambucol specifically wanted to measure KERV’s ability to provide lift in purchase intent. The question utilized for this brand study asked, “When shopping for immune support, which of the following brands are you most likely to consider?” 

The test was extremely successful in highlighting the value of leveraging KERV’s technology to increase purchase consideration and keep Sambucol top of mind for immune support. 

  • Consumers were nearly 144% more likely to select Sambucol if they had interacted with the KERV’d video assets than if they had never been exposed at all, exceeding KERV’s lift benchmark (2%) by +7100%
  • Even further, the targeted demographic audience was 135% more likely to select Sambucol if they had interacted with the KERV’d video asset, as opposed to consumers who had simply been exposed, exceeding KERV’s lift benchmark by +6650%

By changing the passive standard pre-roll experience into an interactive one, KERV was able to provide a significant lift at the various stages of the targeted consumers’ purchase consideration journey during a pivotal time of year for the Sambucol brand.

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