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A brief overview showcasing the successful performance data for one of our interactive video campaigns.

We know data matters, but understanding the value and potential of that data is even more important. KERV’s patent-pending data points are unique to our interactive experience, and have never been available for video before. KERV strives to ensure our clients have full access as well as an expert understanding of the story their data is telling.

Custom Reporting Dashboard

To help guide our clients further, we also provide access to a custom reporting dashboard that guides you through a user’s dimensional journey with your creative. Take a top-level aggregate view of your campaigns and drill down to see scene and object-level engagement data—from CTR rates to time spent with each individual object in your video.

Top-Level Aggregate Data

The Creatives section of the dashboard shows all creatives for all campaigns.

Scene-Level Data

Once you’ve clicked on a creative, you will have the ability view in-depth data for each related video scene.

Object-Level Data

When you click into “View Objects”, you will find a list of objects connected to the creative with corresponding data.

DOMO Dashboard Test

Create custom data cards, graphics and views how you see fit to achieve a deeper dive of your raw data.

Direct Integrations

We provide you the raw data in various formats, allowing for direct integration with your tools and platforms. Clients can access KERV’s 1st-Party reporting data via at least one of the following options:

API Integration

KERV offers two data tiers for MSaaS along with object & scene breakouts (at an additional cost). Data is refreshed every 15 minutes (All metrics).

S3 Transfer

KERV offers two data tiers for MSaaS along with object & scene breakouts (at an additional cost). Data is refreshed every 24 hours (All metrics).

Pixel Implementation

Implementing a pixel offers a real-time refresh rate on all metrics.

Custom Dashboard Login

Using our custom dashboard login will allow you to refresh your data every 15 minutes or as needed.

Client Recap Emails

KERV can provide you with a recap email weekly or as needed which provides high-level insights into your campaign.

Campaign Wrap

At the end of your campaign, KERV will deliver a comprehensive wrap-up document, inclusive of aggregate performance, as well as scene, frame, and object-level performance.

UTM Codes and Macros

KERV is able to apply a unique tag or URL for all products & clickable elements in a creative.

Raw Data File

When needed, we can deliver a raw data file.

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