KERV offers several interactive video products designed specifically to maximize campaign performance and enhance the user experience. Users can engage anywhere – mobile, desktop, web or even in-app. All products offer KERV’s enhanced user data tracking, and allow for unique optimizations between different product types.

KERV Max interactive video animation

KERV Max Interactive Video

A fully interactive video experience that includes pixel‑level object identification and interactivity, allows users to create their own interactive journey throughout video content

Best for: Awareness & Brand Connection (ex. Tourism, Sports, Entertainment, Automotive)

Features: Scene Carousel, 2 Customizable CTA Button Areas, Object Glow, Object-Level Details & CTA, & more

Proven Performance: 100%+ Earned Time Spent, 15x+ Link-Out Opportunities, 500%+ Interaction Rate

KERV Shop interactive video animation

KERV Shop Interactive Video

A simplified and fully automated product-focused interface, allows users to quickly explore and shop products featured throughout the creative

Best for: Product‑Focused Shoppable Campaigns (ex. Retail, Beauty, Food/Drink)

Features: Product Carousel, Customizable CTA Button Area, Product Image, Details & Unique CTA

Features: Option that allows users to scroll through all products/tiles vs. only products/tiles within a specific scene (works best with creatives showcasing several products)

KERV Lite interactive video animation

KERV Lite Interactive Video

A baseline interactive video experience utilizing dynamic CTAs that shift their link-outs to different destinations or products throughout a single video stream

Best for: Quick-to-Market Campaigns with Featured Products

Features: Minimal Interface, Multiple Dynamic CTA Buttons

KERV TV animation


A unique shoppable and dynamic interactive experience linking Connected TV, Set Top Box and Broadcast TV content to a mobile device for a more connected experience

Best for: CTV & Cross-Platform Campaigns

Features: Custom QR Code, Unique KERV Cross Product Optimizations

Recent Campaign Performance: Earned 24,000 additional minutes with the brand

KERV Embed interactive video animation

KERV Social Embed

A unique mobile embed experience catered towards social media promotions and/or website & landing page promotions

Best for: Mobile-Only Social Campaigns

Features: Product Image, Details & Unique CTA

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