KERV’s patented interactive video platform utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to create and distribute interactive experiences through video. Creatives are automatically turned into dynamic storytelling assets through a quick and easy process.

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The Process

The process is simple. We can either use your raw video files (.mp4, .mov, etc.), or process your video from a VAST tag. Our platform will identify scenes, and each unique object down to the pixel-level, within any digital video. KERV’s precision is unmatched in the interactive market.

Every object identified in a video is assigned customizable titles, descriptions and link-out URLs. The ability to identify at the object-level allows for immediate and accurate feedback about what viewers are specifically engaging with in your video.

KERV’s interactive video platform is created to be modular. All features and functions can be customized, giving you immediate control of format updates with live campaigns.

Object Tagging

Object tagging is supported, and gives the ability to create new and specific audience or intender segments based on granular interaction details. KERV’s object-level data and tagging features allow brands to quickly and effectively shift digital marketing strategies through action-based analytics like never before.


Videos can be distributed directly from KERV’s platform via VPAID or embedded formats. These formats can be used for programmatic distribution, local site placement or streamed directly into your player. Our interactive video platform also supports dynamic creative variations of object titles, link-out URLs and descriptions as well as several other creative customizations.

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