For the first time, Football Fans Will Get An Inside Look at the NFL and Microsoft’s “Sideline of the Future” powered by KERV Interactive

By kerv • February 9, 2021

KERV’s interactive content technology allows NFL fans to go deep into how the Microsoft Surface has transformed sideline innovation for the coaches, players and fans.

NFL and Microsoft, leaders in tech, innovation and storytelling, have partnered with KERV Interactive to produce “Sideline of the Future,” the first interactive branded content on allowing fans to engage with and purchase the Microsoft Surface directly from the branded content and to learn more about how technology has transformed the NFL’s communication and collaboration on the sidelines.

Since the partnership commenced in 2013, Microsoft Surface has become a vital tool for the NFL on and off the field, transforming everything from instant replay, game planning and the fan experience, to the NFL Draft and Scouting Combine. With more than 2,000 Surface devices and 170 Windows Servers deployed across 35 global stadiums, Microsoft technology powers 333 events each year for the NFL on game day.

Adapting to the increase in social & digital media content distribution and the necessity for virtual sponsorship activation , brands around the world are doubling down on innovative, digital options as their sports marketing solution.

Technology partner KERV Interactive, an award‑winning interactive video and data company based in Austin, Texas, excels at the intersection of e-commerce and content.  KERV’s patented technology powered the NFL and Microsoft Surface video with 25+ points of interactivity. The immersive 10‑minute long video utilizes KERV’s interactive technology to feature bonus information and behind‑the‑scenes exclusives, along with shoppability directly from the content in a format that provides a game-changing fan experience.

This is the first of its kind in major professional sports and sponsor activation.

KERV’s brand clients have historically seen upwards of 400% improvement in consumer engagement and purchases from their interactive videos as opposed to their normal static videos. KERV lives and thrives at the intersection of video and e-commerce,  – the future of shopping and consumer engagement.

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