KERV is Adding Value to the Ad Tech Infrastructure Across the Marketing Industry

By kerv • May 20, 2020

The company’s interactive video platform leverages 8 key characteristics.

In the past few years, the ad tech infrastructure has grown in leaps and bounds, and now it is ready for the next frontier: interactive video. With this in mind, KERV, the multi-award-winning interactive video company revolutionizing the performance of digital advertising with its patented technology, is perfectly poised to add value in multiple dimensions while helping businesses build their brands and increase commerce opportunities.

KERV’s unique platform takes advantage of 8 key characteristics.

1. Agnosticism

Player, platform, and pixel agnostic, making it a non-disruptive lift solution to existing media/tech video stacks.

2. Simplicity

Understanding agency/media company workflows and creating solutions for a simplified approach to campaign setup and execution.

3. Modularity

Creating a dynamic user experience that is both intuitive as well as vertical/strategy agnostic.

4. Precision

AI/ML technology unleashes KERV’s patent (the ability to define images in any video at their curved-pixel edges) with unprecedented data feedback.

5. Viability

Patented tech manages service programmatic, self-service programmatic, direct buys, embedded short-form/long-form videos, and more.

6. Portability

Offering data transparency to clients free of charge through several methods.

7. Support

Making our teams available for creative ideation, setup best practices, and more.

8. Validation

Robust, 1st-party data insights are deterministic at both the scene and object level.

As we are in unprecedented economic times, KERV is pushing the evolution of marketing for many different audiences, from tech and businesses enthusiasts to people following changes in business due to COVID-19.

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