KERV Interactive is Revolutionizing the Performance of In-stream Video Advertising

By kerv • May 7, 2019

Pay-Per-Click is a new, risk-free option for interactive video clients

AUSTIN, TEXAS (May 7, 2019)KERV Interactive, producing award-winning interactive video technology, is revolutionizing monetization opportunities for video advertisers by offering a risk-free pay-per-click (PPC) option for standard in-stream ads and content – something that has not been available in this category before. KERV’s patented precision technology is changing the game for video advertisers by creating new verticals for performance-based spending in a historically impression-based industry.

KERV’s one-of-a-kind, patented video technology is the most advanced available as KERV is the only interactive video company with the ability to identify objects at their pixel-level. Meaning, no one else can link individual objects within a video as precisely as KERV or match the level of interactivity and consumer insight metrics. This level of unmatched advancement has allowed for KERV to optimize the value of PPC within in-stream video, creating new options for advertisers that remove all notions of user adoption risk.

The new PPC option grants clients and advertisers the power to be in control of their advertising spend and creative configurations by only paying for highly-qualified interactions within their interactive video campaigns. Advertisers are only charged for extremely specific object-and-brand-level, quantified user-initiated interactions within their ‘KERVed’ video, while also receiving added value interactions – some at zero cost to the client. KERV’s technology adds a new dimension of higher-level performance details to determine what specifically a consumer is interested in.

“The future of video advertising is becoming interactive, and KERV is shifting the entire industry’s paradigm,” said Marika Roque, EVP of media and technology at KERV Interactive. “Interactive video allows brands to tell multiple stories at once and adds a layer of active user participation, which establishes increased brand recognition and understanding. The PPC pricing option allows for clients to receive added value interactions and optimized results with zero risk, creating smoother relationships with advertisers through a simplified transfer of costs.”

In addition to KERV’s interaction-based pricing method, clients can also take advantage of proprietary data to create unique audience segments based on a user’s dimensional journey. Additional action-based metrics will be provided to further showcase how users engage with their content on both a scene and object-level. Clients can then re-target those users with alternate content and/or banners to encourage further engagement at a deeper level and increase campaign performance. Optimizing at this level of target plus object interaction has not been done prior to KERV, as the level of precision has not been in the interactive video space until KERV’s technology entered. 

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Named “Best Interactive Brand Experience,” KERV Interactive is a multi-award-winning interactive video company, based in Austin, Texas, that is revolutionizing the future of video engagement through dimensional storytelling. Certified for piracy through the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), KERV’s digital advertising platform was built on cutting-edge, patented technology and adds extraordinary value to brands, agencies, creative and data-science teams by creating audience-to-brand connections within video like never before. Leveraging breakthrough machine learning techniques and AI with unmatched processing speed, the KERV technology recognizes depth, dimension and objects within a video just as precisely as the natural eye does. KERV enables every frame in every scene of any digital video to be an immersive, interactive experience for consumers. Learn more about KERV Interactive, and request an interactive video trial on your creative, by visiting

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