How Blue Bunny Drives Differentiation Through Interactive Video

By Ashley Kaczmar • August 15, 2019


Blue Bunny ice cream is a Wells Enterprises brand. Wells Enterprises is the second-largest ice cream maker in the United States and has built a legacy around sharing the joy of ice cream. Wells Enterprises credits its ability to continuously adapt to changing times while staying true to its mission as to why they’re the largest family-owned ice cream manufacturer in the US. 

This adaptability is what led the Blue Bunny team to partner with KERV Interactive to create engaging and immersive video experiences. In order to deliver their brand message and clearly differentiate the brand, the Blue Bunny team recognized they would need to partner with an interactive video solution to stay ahead of the game.


More and more, people are influenced by online content when it comes to purchasing decisions. Seeing this trend, the Blue Bunny team knew they needed to innovate their online video strategies to drive deeper connections with consumers. 

By partnering with KERV and leveraging the KERV Max product, Blue Bunny was able to transform its video into an interactive experience. KERV’s technology is so precise, that it can identify objects and products in-video at their pixel edge, allowing brands to not only provide a unique consumer experience but also collect net-new data on how users engaged with the video. 

The precision of KERV’s tech was able to drive home the brand’s message and create true differentiation using the unique tiles and, in doing so, boost consideration with ice cream buyers. 


Blue Bunny used KERV Max for two of their video campaigns, driving lift across all metrics in addition to boosting brand consideration.

Bunny Snacks Campaign

  • CTR: 3.81%
  • Interaction Rate: 22.23%
  • Average Time Spent with Asset: 31 seconds

Load’d Sundaes Campaign

  • CTR: 3.95%
  • Interaction Rate: 23.19%
  • Average Time Spent with Asset: 37 seconds

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