Interactive Video Ads are Helping Content Publishers Survive and Thrive

By kerv • April 28, 2020

As the pandemic continues to impact the bottom line for businesses around the globe, content creators and publishers are facing unique challenges.

To maximize their user experience and leverage additional information, shopping and revenue generation opportunities, some of the biggest publishers in the world are turning to innovative technology: interactive video ads, such as those delivered by KERV, the multi-award-winning interactive video company revolutionizing the performance of digital advertising with its patented technology.

While publishers adapt to typical revenue streams drying up due to Covid, they can use interactive video ads to boost branding and e-commerce strategies.

For example, KERV’s pixel recognition artificial intelligence creates seamless shoppable ads within interactive video, which is perfect for publishers who want to maximize long-form, branded and other types of content.

Moreover, as e-commerce skyrockets due to more people staying at home and shopping online, enhanced shoppability within videos can drive conversions and sales.

Video advertisers and publishers also can maximize these conversion opportunities to improve online consumer experiences, establish stronger brand loyalty, and increase time spent with content, pages and apps.

And, in this unique market where we’re all experience something unprecedented together, consumers want to hear how brands are being helpful in our new everyday life.

Interactive video ads provide customized messaging opportunities for multi-dimensional storytelling that enable brands and publishers alike to connect with a wide range of consumers while also breathing new life into content and extending its shelf life.

Many different audiences, from tech and businesses enthusiasts to people following the impact of Covid, can learn why content creators and publishers are turning to innovative interactive video ads to enhance the consumer experience and drive new revenue opportunities.

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