How to Breathe New Life into Your Video Ad

By Bill Roberson • September 18, 2019

As video ads become more content-driven, and users become more about the video experience, it is as important as ever to make your video ads something users WANT to watch. Interactive video is quickly becoming the way brands are accommodating the unique attention span of consumers today.

If you could click on any object in any video you are watching, to find out more about that object, would that be appealing? What if the object is not a product but an image that relates to the brand in some way? For example: a vintage surf shop in the background, a chute of rapids in a kayaking video, a monument or point of interest in a tourism ad. Finding new ways to create a deeper connection between brands and consumers is not just important, it is a must.

With KERV Interactive you can take any existing video and turn it into an interactive experience by making ANY object, in ANY scene, in ANY video into an interactive touchpoint.

What does this mean for brands? 

  1. Brands can breathe new life into any existing video asset.
  2. Creative teams can extend brand messaging beyond the produced media asset.
  3. Brands can speak to and connect with multiple audiences at once using the same creative asset.
  4. Brands can tell multiple stories, from the same creative asset, using individual object copy and link-out destinations.

What can be made interactive?

Each object image in the video can have a different experience with unique messaging and link-out to its own destination. Here are some of the most popular types of messaging that can be applied to any given object:

  1. Product information and pricing
  2. Product Wiki and history
  3. Brand information and history
  4. Brand community involvement
  5. Audience-specific messaging and connecting statements
  6. Map and locational information on objects in a scene
  7. Or anything else – customize what you want to be interactive

Why is this beneficial?

Brands can track, report and optimize on every object that is made interactive. Providing value to what consumers are connecting with most in each video. Consumers receive added value of convenience as interactive videos serve as an all-in-one destination for users.

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