Geekazine: KERV Interactive Video Adds Vertical Video to Deep Link Technology

By kerv • April 29, 2020

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If you’ve ever thought “Hey, it would be great if I could tell people where to find that blouse (or camera, or car, etc) on my video”, then KERV might be of interest to you. Interactive video with powerful technology that can dig down to the pixel level and root out products is what the technology is all about. I interview COO Marika Roque for the first episode of Virtual Conference Coverage.

What is KERV?

KERV was founded in 2014 in Austin, TX with an idea to make digital advertising. They created and patented a cutting-edge technology which identifies object by pixel edges, as opposed to regions of a image or video. This allows Kerv to mask the product in the shot, and bring it out for more information.

Who is Marika Roque?

As Chief Operating Officer, Marika has worked in the Austin area in Digital Operations. She joined KERV Interactive in 2017, and became COO in 2019. She has a strong background in digital marketing, along with social media, client services, and Data strategy.

KERV Announces Vertical Video

The newest feature set to the Interactive Video is the ability to bring their technology to the mobile screen. With vertical video, KERV can integrate with social programs such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and more.

Brands will be able to highlight areas of their digital content, and send customers to areas to get more information, or even purchase products.

Object Audio

The feature set also includes object audio: the ability to use custom sounds that will tie to products. This could really change the game in digital advertising as many iconic sounds in TV and movies could garner new customers.

Check out for more info.

More in the Video – How Calloway, eBay Use the Technology

Of course, I talk with Marika on all that is happening at KERV. We talk about some of the interactive spots they have done for companies such as Calloway, Carhartt, and eBay.

Could we start using KERV technology in our everyday videos? Maybe there will be a future Geekazine video where you can buy the product by selecting the item on-screen.

KERV Sizzle Reel