How Darn Tough Vermont Uses Interactive Technology to Enhance Social Video

By Ashley Kaczmar • August 11, 2021


Darn Tough Vermont, the sock brand with an unconditional lifetime guarantee for their premium, all-weather outdoor and lifestyle socks, understands the impact of creating unique experiences in a competitive market.  They recognized the need to leverage innovative technology to deliver social video ads that drive deeper reach and engagement. 

Darn Tough needed a solution that would:

  • Bridge the gap between content and commerce for true product-level shoppability from a singular social post.
  • Enhance their social channels’ commerce success, driving sales to specific products.
  • Transform customer engagement and boost interaction on social video ads


Using KERV Social Embed, Darn Tough transformed their social video ads into interactive experiences, driving substantial lift to campaign performance. By utilizing KERV’s technology, Darn Tough’s social videos were able to populate product-specific tiles based on the video context. Each tile highlights key product information and provides a unique link destination, empowering consumers to educate themselves further and purchase directly within the video, forging a deeper brand connection.


To date, the ongoing campaign has significantly outperformed the brand’s non-interactive videos. In a 13-week time span, Darn Tough increased the return on ad spend by 127 percent by creating interactive experiences that raise product awareness and increase conversions. By partnering with KERV, Darn Tough saw link out rates to popular product pages reach as high as 60 to 73 percent in addition to a 106 percent increase in CTR and a 74 percent increase in website purchases.

“We began working with KERV’s social product in Q4 of 2020 and have seen exciting results. Some weeks have seen 200 percent higher ROAS  than the control, and we are eager to continue testing additional products and innovations with KERV.”

Leyna Jackson, Paid Marketing Manager, Darn Tough

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