KERV brand surveys offer additional paths to increase performance and ensure campaign success. Our expert media and data teams take the knowledge gained from our proprietary data, along with our advanced interactive video technology, and use it to produce a powerful brand survey, giving your team the next-level of understanding of your primary audience and their tendencies for deeper connections.

Sample Survey

Strategically reconnect with your users through custom brand surveys designed to help you gain a better understanding of how consumers experienced your brand’s interactive content. This new data can help take your future interactive video campaigns further, yielding even higher performance and results.

Interactor Groups

One of the primary benefits of KERV is our ability to compare overall lift against specific user or interactor groups. Through surveying exposed and non-exposed users, we can divide them up by specific audience, scene and object-level engagements.

There are generally three target groups KERV focuses on:

1) Users that have been exposed to your interactive content, but have not interacted with it; 2) Users that have been exposed to your interactive content and have interacted with it; 3) Users that have not been exposed to your interactive content at all.

Interactive Engagement

To date, the results strongly showcase that the exposed and interacted user groups are much more likely to engage with your brand’s content in the future. Data shows that those users are also more likely to ultimately follow through with a purchase, illustrating that they have developed a deeper connection through the more immersive, interactive video experience.

KERV Sizzle Reel