The power of KERV doesn’t stop with an outstanding user experience, accretive 1st-party user data or optimization and targeting strategies. KERV’s technology also provides true accountability and active user feedback on performance successes. Our expert media and data teams strive to correlate how users that have viewed your interactive video tend to show a fundamentally positive shift in how they feel about your brand.

Sample Survey

Our team has developed a one-of-a-kind brand survey for video campaigns that strategically utilizes our proprietary data to re-connect with users that have experienced your interactive videos, yielding results proving the ample value associated with our interactive executions.

Interactor Groups

The high-level value KERV delivers is our ability to compare the overall lift against the interactor groups, exposed and non-exposed users, and then cut those groups by audience and specific object engagements.

We target 3 primary groups: users that have been exposed to your interactive creative but have not interacted, users that have been exposed and have also interacted, and then a control group of users that have not been exposed to your interactive video.

Interactive Engagement

The results have shown that users that have been exposed and interacted with your video are substantially more likely to engage with your brand moving forward. They are also more likely to follow through with a purchase. This illustrates the deeper connection developed through experiencing a more evolved and immersive interactive experience.

KERV Sizzle Reel