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About Us

KERV Interactive is an Austin-based interactive technology company which allows brands to create and deliver shoppable and immersive experiences within video. Built on patented machine learning techniques and AI, only KERV’s technology can recognize objects in a video in real-time more accurately than the human eye. 

KERV’s shoppability and multidimensional interactive storytelling features have been proven to…

  • Drive deeper user engagement
  • Enhances video performance 
  • Increases time-spent with brands 

…across the web, mobile, social and CTV. Only KERV delivers a truly unique shopping experience for consumers and brands.

How Does it Work?

There’s no video production needed. KERV’s technology can ingest file types including mp4, mov, etc., OR vast tags. AI and cutting-edge machine learning allows the platform to automatically create interactive experiences from existing videos. Unique objects are dynamically identified in each scene, and paired with customizable titles, descriptions and link-out URLs.

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KERV’s Commitment to DEI

KERV is committed to learning. At KERV we aim to cultivate a work environment where each person, no matter the identities they hold, not only feels safe, seen, and heard, but also celebrated. We are early in our journey to move toward being a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization and recognize there is no end to this work.

KERV is committed to community. We recognize and are inspired by the people and organizations in our local and global communities that are actively creating a more just world. We have committed to regularly donating in‑kind and financially to support the important contributions of these groups.

KERV is committed to change. We know it’s not possible to create technology that is completely neutral or unbiased and it is our responsibility to not only continue to identify the biases in our product, but mitigate those as well. Through our participation in the IAB AI Standard Working Group: Ethics & Bias in AI, KERV is committed to creating more equitable technologies that work for everyone.

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