KERV Interactive Video Object-Level Product Identification Concept


Our multi-award-winning, patented video technology lifts existing video assets to become a unique, interactive experience for consumers. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, our platform quickly identifies, outlines and tags any object featured in a digital video.

With KERV’s shoppability and multi-dimensional, interactive storytelling features, your video will drive deeper user engagement.

We are constantly striving to educate the world about new possibilities within the video industry, and how your video can do more for you.

Consumers are more likely to complete conversions with content that is interactive and tailored uniquely to their interests. Brands can provide a better user experience, while collecting powerful data insights, and improve their overall consumer digital connection.


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Gary Mittman

CEO/Executive Chairman

Dan Bienenfeld


Marika Roque


Jay Wolff

SVP of Revenue

Taylor Pate


Grant Gorton

VP Creative

Bill Roberson

VP of Media – Creative Strategy


Alfredo Amengual

Software Engineer

Daniel Bloomfield

Director, Ad Operations

Ellen Boucher

Product Strategy Lead

Ashley Kaczmar

Brand Marketing Strategist

Ryan Brenner

Software Engineer

Jessica Stacy

Senior Director of Agency and Partnerships

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Support Engineer

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Software Engineer

Deleyla Glass

Manager, Digital Strategy

David Knight

Senior Software Engineer

Avery Wood

Junior Sales Planner

Toni Mitchell

Executive Assitant

Sarah Parker

Marketing Manager

Ryan Schoenfeld

Director, Digital Strategy

Kate Lyons

Publisher, Business Development

Ben Vineyard

Unity Developer

Nora Whitehurst

Director of Data & Analytics

Simone Goldslager

Director, Agency & Brand Partnerships

Jake Williams

Director, Agency & Brand Partnerships

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