Why Shoppable Ads Are Game Changers for Interactive Video

By kerv • April 29, 2020

KERV is changing the marketing landscape by giving consumers what they want

In our fast-paced and ultra-competitive marketing landscape, consumers expect a personalized and visually inspiring experience from video. So how can brands capitalize on these opportunities? The answers can be found in interactive video and shoppable ads.

A personalized consumer engagement strategy, via interactive video, creates a better and more relevant user experience that further drives brand awareness and affinity. When we include shoppable ads, the game changes completely.

Take KERV, for example. The innovative marketing company uses Pixel Recognition Artificial Intelligence to create seamless shoppable ads within interactive video. This gives brands control of individual pixels, which are the golden keys to each product. It also leverages the tremendous value of pixel real estate.

As a result, consumers gain more insight into a brand and its message, allowing them to form deeper connections with a brand and enjoy a more rewarding experience. Not to mention, they now can immediately purchase items within a few clicks directly from a video!

KERV videos have been tested with over 100 million unique users and create interaction and engagement rates that well surpass traditional pre‑roll. In comparison to traditional in‑stream videos, brands can expect: 20X higher user engagement; 6X higher interaction rates; 5X higher CTR; and 4X more time spent with the brand.

Also, any brand is able to benefit from KERV’s technology, as the technology simply takes existing videos and automatically layers it with interactivity, engagement points, and shoppable ads.

No need to create a specific video to reap the benefits of interactive video.

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