Why AI is Crucial for Brands to Stay Competitive in the Digital Advertising World

By kerv • October 30, 2019

Research shows that 82% of marketers completely or somewhat agree that AI and machine learning (ML) are important trends in advertising, and 87% agree that using AI and ML will improve advertising performance.

Technological evolution stemming from artificial intelligence and machine learning has opened new doors for marketers. Fueled from these advances, interactive video has become more prominent among brands and advertisers. Creative teams are leaning into this new landscape of advertising and opting for AI-powered digital marketing tools to enhance campaign performance, personalization, ROI, insights, relevance and more. 

AI and ML are no longer the “future” of advertising, but the top trend in digital marketing. Today’s technology can target and customize ads with unparalleled precision. AI-powered platforms will only continue to grow in the future; the faster companies learn and adapt to new practices, the faster they will grow and stay relevant in highly competitive markets.

AI Fuels Digital Marketing Advancements

Interactive video has different meanings to different advertisers, so it is important to know exactly what each “interactive” company offers. Early on, while AI trends were still on the rise, KERV foresaw the possibility for advancement in the video advertising sector. Built from experts for experts, KERV created a patented, interactive video technology platform that helps brands and advertisers maximize their current video campaigns.

Busy consumers need ads that are both aesthetically compelling and highly relevant. KERV immediately adds layers of intelligence and interactivity to existing videos to drive brand growth. The savviest content creators are seeing repeated success by using new creative formats, such as interactive video, to expand the digital landscape to tell a stronger, more compelling brand story.

Adding Relevance to Video Campaigns

There are many, many video advertisements with strong visuals that successfully entice audiences to lean in and want to learn more. However, what these aesthetically pleasing video campaigns might lack is the ability to showcase specific products, information, history and click-to-purchase options.

KERV is solving this problem for brands by turning a standard, in-stream video advertisement into an interactive experience for consumers. Dimension, customization and action-based touch points are layered over the ad, which gives advertisers the opportunity to tell multiple stories with one video creative.

Multi-level Storytelling Inspires Brand Growth

Interactive technology brings website functionality features directly into a video ad. The convenience factor is of high value for busy consumers who are actively engaging with your ad. In addition to the shoppable video aspect KERV provides, each object in the video is able to be uniquely customized to provide consumers with additional information they would have not normally received from the original video ad.

All too often we, as consumers, see beautiful creative ads from brands. However, there are many thoughts that can race through a loyal consumer’s mind as they are watching a video ad. Personally, I find myself wondering what clothing a certain actress is wearing and where I can buy it, how it fits, what it’s made out of, etc. Or, I might find myself wanting to know more about a company’s services, history, sustainability, nutrition – there are many questions that one video creative simply can’t answer all at once. That is, until now.

Interactive video adds to your beautiful creative by letting consumers discover information that might only exist on your website, social media, marketing materials, etc. The creative is no longer just about delivering a visually compelling ad, it’s about letting users decide what they want to experience from your ad. Unique stories, and supporting information, can be told with each object in every scene of the video.

In a busy world, one might see an amazing advertisement and completely forget to search for the item that sparked their interest. This is a needless lost engagement opportunity with a consumer who wants to actively engage with your brand. Having interactive capabilities at their fingertips allows consumers to engage with your brand in real-time, easily learn and even add to cart for a quick checkout.

Thanks to technology making everyday life easier, advertisers now have new opportunities to monetize inside of their video creative with interactive video.

Interactive Intelligence Fuels New Optimizations

With KERV, each element in the video campaign is optimized with data fueling each part of the creative. The advancement in KERV’s platform is what sets the technology apart from other interactive video companies. KERV is the only interactive video platform in existence that can provide precision at the object-level. 

Object-level precision is important as it essentially is part of the patented, AI technology that identifies each specific item by its pixel-edge. Each object, and features within objects, are immediately layered with data intelligence and tracking capabilities, so brands get the most accurate reporting and consumer insights available. Additionally, this precision provides more touchpoint opportunities for users to engage with. More integrative touchpoints equal higher video engagement.

This precision is beneficial for brands that have specific features they want to identify within objects in their videos. For example, KERV has provided value for automotive brands who want to showcase different features on cars, technology brands who want to explain multiple functions on their products and retail brands who want to explain the sustainable or functional creation behind their clothing. 

New Insights Provide More Effective Data Optimization

Videos are now filled with interaction points that allow consumers to organically engage with your content. Each pixel-identified object is layered with intelligence and is assigned a unique Wiki description and link-out URL. All of which is customizable at the client’s discretion.

Along with object-level identification, KERV also creates object-level tags that present more granular tracking and optimization/delivery opportunities for accuracy in reporting. Each object now creates its own specific metrics.

This level of intelligence allows video advertisers to effectively understand what highly targeted audiences are compelled to within various video campaigns. KERV’s 15+ proprietary, action-based metrics – in addition to the full range of standard, video metrics – helps advertisers easily measure the impact of their video campaigns and apply the new findings to future campaigns.

Interactive ads are not gated or forced on users, so the performance data earned is organic to the brand. Measuring video campaign results based on more effective KPI’s, such as user engagement and time spent with the brand, provide a higher value to digital marketers as they generate action-based results.

Marketers Agree AI and ML Improve Ad Performance

Interactive video performance is guaranteed to be always better than that of your static video. KERV clients typically see a brand lift of 10x higher engagement, 6x higher interaction rates and 4x more time spent with the brand – in comparison to traditional in-stream videos.

Your video ads may be performing well, in front of the right people, but if your creative isn’t compelling or relevant, you’ll lose the opportunity to effectively engage with the consumer. Today’s technology-driven world has made significant impacts in the advertising industry, and KERV is part of this advancement. Rethink what is possible with interactive video and elevate your video campaign with KERV.

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