Leveraging Video in Hybrid Shopping Strategies

By Ashley Kaczmar • June 24, 2022

Online shopping has accelerated in the last few years, and it’s resulted in a new kind of consumer. Today, consumers don’t think of in-store and online shopping as two different things—it’s all shopping. We’re now in an era of hybrid shopping and every experience a consumer has with a brand—physical and digital—is interconnected.

This poses a new challenge for brands. In order to continue meeting consumer expectations, brands need to integrate their online and offline strategies to ensure they’re providing a cohesive shopping experience. For many, video has become a key part of that strategy, and with video technology growing, brands will have new ways to leverage it in their hybrid shopping strategies. 

How Video Empowers Consumers

In-store shopping dominated for so long despite the emergence of e-commerce for a number of reasons. Being able to see and touch a product is a big part for many shoppers in choosing what to buy. That’s why video is a prime tool for bridging online and offline experiences together. 

Video is a highly engaging medium. Consumers watch videos to understand the product the same way they would if they were shopping in-store. In fact, 73% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase after watching a video on a product or service and 80% say videos increase their confidence when purchasing products online.

This has driven brands to continue investing in digital video. In 2022 alone, digital video ad spend will reach over $116 billion, according to eMarketer. In response to both brands and consumers relying more on video, the number of technologies and innovations around digital video has rapidly increased. 

The Rise in Video Technology

One of the fastest video technologies is interactive video. Interactive video allows consumers to deeply engage with the content. One study shows that brands that use interactive video see an increase in conversions and sales by 25%. 

There’s been a greater push to use interactive and shoppable videos across the online experience. From social commerce to livestream shopping, brands are finding new ways to engage and educate their consumers through video. Some brands are even experimenting with in-store video shopping experiences to better align online and offline strategies. 

The KERV Approach 

KERV’s interactive video technology is built on patented AI and machine learning, allowing us to provide unprecedented precision. What does that mean? Our technology can identify any object, product, or person in a video at their pixel edges in minutes. 

This not only offers a unique experience to consumers but allows brands to gain a better understanding of consumer engagement. 

  • What objects are consumers interacting with the most?
  • How long are they interacting with those objects?
  • What scenes in a video are consumers most engaged with?
  • How long do they engage with each scene?
  • What actions do they take after interacting within a video?

All of this data can then be used for better sequential messaging as well as providing unique insights brands can use to better inform hybrid shopping strategies—all of which allow them to create a cohesive brand experience.

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