Top 4 Interactive Video Campaigns of 2022

By Ashley Kaczmar • December 22, 2022

Fast-moving trends, ever-shifting consumer expectations, and a crowded media landscape make it harder than ever for brands to stand out and win consumers’ attention, especially with video. Using the same old strategies won’t keep your audience interested, let alone engaged. 

That’s where innovative technology solutions come in. Interactive and shoppable video not only drives stronger engagement with consumers but also provides unique data points that empower marketers to create bolder, more audience-centered stories. If you’re not leaning into interactive, you’re not getting the most out of your content. 

So to give you some inspiration as we begin planning for the new year, here’s a look at some of the best interactive and shoppable video campaigns KERV saw in 2022. 

We’ve rounded up 4 campaigns that utilized our interactive technology in distinct ways to make the most out of their video strategies.  We’ll dive into how:

  • Heineken leveraged shoppable video to create alternative creative messaging for various holidays from a single video.
  • David’s Bridal took its social commerce strategy to the next level with the leaned KERV & TikTok integration.
  • Sam Edelman turned a CTV ad into a shoppable experience for the summer collection. 
  • Carat Pandora created a fully interactive and shoppable video campaign, from desktop to social to CTV, driving significant brand consideration with consumers. 

Heineken’s shoppable video campaign

Creatives are expensive. It takes time and careful planning and isn’t easy to get a creative across the finish line for each occasion that your brand wants to advertise for—which is why Heineken turned to shoppable technology. 

By adapting the copy on the shoppable tiles in-video, Heineken was able to take a single creative and deliver holiday-specific messaging for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Heineken maximized ad spend and provided curated experiences for its audience all from a single creative.

On top of getting more from ad spend, Heineken’s shoppable video campaigns also drove significant performance results. The overall clickthrough rate was 2.84%, and an interaction rate of 8.26%. The Add to Cart results from the video showed a purchase intent of 4.75%, exceeding the benchmark by 43%. 

By using interactive video technology, Heineken was able to get more out of its video creative and foster stronger awareness and consideration with consumers. 

David’s Bridal’s interactive TikTok campaign

Summer is a peak shopping season for the well-known bridal and special occasion brand, David’s Bridal. With a goal of capitalizing on the season, the brand delivered a shoppable video campaign on TikTok using KERV’s integration to tap into richer data, capturing consumers earlier in their shopper journey and streamlining their experience.  

Leveraging KERV’s TikTok integration, David’s Bridal collected net-new, product-level insights that helped take the TikTok campaign further. This drove a tremendous lift in reach, fostered positive engagement, and provided an in-depth look into consumer intent and engagement amongst the target audience.

With these net-new user insights in hand, David’s Bridal optimized the shoppable tiles in-video based specifically on how users engaged with the content. The campaign reached 16 million consumers (2x the industry benchmark), resulting in a click-through rate of 0.96%. 

Connecting content and commerce is a must for brands that want to win. And David’s Bridal campaign shows that by creating immersive experiences, brands can better reach consumers where they are and successfully push them down the funnel from a single video. 

Sam Edelman’s shoppable CTV experience

How do brands get the most out of CTV ads? It’s a hard thing to measure, but it gets easier when you layer interactive capabilities on top of your ad. This is exactly what Sam Edelman did in its summer collection campaign. 

Leveraging KERV’s dynamic QR solution, Sam Edelman was able to generate awareness and interest among Women aged 25-54 on their favorite streaming services. When viewing the Sam Edelman CTV placement, consumers were actively encouraged to scan a unique QR code during playback, as well as during a custom end frame, which successfully amplified brand consideration.

Overall, the CTV campaign earned 434,101 additional minutes with the brand through the QR scans. So if you’re looking for a way to get more out of your CTV ads, consider using interactive technology to strategically place opportunities for consumers to engage directly with your brand.

Carat Pandora’s top-to-bottom interactive video campaign

Carat Pandora sought to re-ignite excitement for the Moments platform and charms, encourage repeat purchases, and engage the community by telling authentic stories of friendship. The brand saw the opportunity to elevate its campaign by using interactive technology across channels, from digital to social to CTV. 

By layering interactive capabilities on top of its creative assets, Carat Pandora saw a significant leap in campaign performance, driving an overall clickthrough rate of 1.68%, exceeding the benchmark by 180%. Additionally, consumers spent, on average, 38% more time with the interactive video campaign than they would have with a standard ad experience.

Through interactive technology, the campaign successfully differentiated the Pandora brand and fostered consideration between brand and consumer beyond what would have been possible with standard, static assets. 

The bottom line is that winning in a crowded landscape requires creative approaches and the right data to guide you to the goalpost. And if you’re not using interactive to elevate your video strategies, then you’re missing a huge opportunity to get more from your ad dollars. If you’re ready to talk about how your brand can win with interactive video campaigns, contact us today.

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