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About KERV

KERV is a patented interactive video platform that utilizes sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to quickly transform any video content into a fully interactive and trackable experience.


KERV videos have been tested against over 100 million unique users and what was found is that our non-intrusive, intuitive experience is bringing an unforeseen increase in user adoption. Adding to that, interaction and engagement rates have well surpassed traditional preroll.


Time Spent

Time spent with the brand in comparison to traditional instream.


User Engagement

More points of interest mean more opportunities for users to engage. More engagement means more time spent with and knowledge of your product/service


Interaction Rates

More points of interest mean more opportunities for users to engage. More engagement means more time spent with and knowledge of your product/service

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Reporting & Data

The value of interactive video shines with data.

The KERV platform provides 15+ entirely new data points to report and optimize against, on top of the standard industry metrics. Unlike most publishing partners, we not only analyze but share every data point down to the unique user level for our clients to model as they see fit.

Object Highlight

Object View

Object Link

Brand Logo Click

Object Time Spent

Primary CTA Click

Scene Save

Frame Select

Frame Time Spent

Carousel Activity



Total Interactions

Total Activity

The KERV Platform

Take full control of your interactive content with KERV

How It Works

KERV’s all-in-one proprietary platform makes working with our tech fast and easy.

Once a video or VAST tag is uploaded, KERV’s platform pulls links and descriptions directly from your product feeds, websites or asset list—then dynamically matches the description and links to the appropriate images.

When a video has been approved, the system simply wraps your VAST tag and outputs interactive VPAID tags or embed codes.


The KERV Platform is the most advanced interactive video platform in existence. This patented technology and platform can quickly identify, highlight, describe and link out every object/image that exists in any video.

Distribute It

After the video has been made interactive, you choose your form of distribution. Depending on your needs KERV can quickly wrap your tag for ad server/media/programmatic distribution. The platform can also provide an embed code to host our player on your website or landing page directly. We also offer amplification/extended reach through KERVs network of web/mobile/OTT partners.

Track It

Radius provides a login and reporting features in the platform. Log in and get unprecedented usable object, scene and brand level data.

Optimize It

Optimize your campaigns and content with incredible data insights. Here you can use our best practices to optimize KERVd campaigns. Radius will send all video data via API, S3, CSV + tag integrations such as an Auction ID macro. You can also choose to share this precise data with clients or not. Either way, your client’s campaigns will have added optimization capabilities both creatively and from action-based touch patterns.

KERV Distribution

KERV has a distribution arm if needed. We have built an extensive programmatic Managed DSP for your service. Our sophisticated media team can provide advice on best practices for optimization or can handle the full media buying as a service. Our goal is your video engagement.

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