KERV’s interactive video platform allows sports brands to engage with customers in new, powerful ways. Allow fans to discover more, shop fan merchandise, explore team bios and stats, browse sponsor offerings, and even buy season passes.

Proven Sports Performance


Clickthrough Rate

When every object is interactive, users have significantly more opportunities to link-out to multiple locations.


Interaction Rate

The amount of interactions a user can perform is limitless when exploring objects in each saved scene.


Time Spent with Brand

Users spend significantly more time engaging with content, earning time even when the asset has ended.

Products Designed to Outperform

Outperform benchmarks and drive new revenue streams on any device with multiple, interactive video product offerings that are fully customizable to your brand’s KPIs. All KERV products offer enhanced user data tracking, 1-1 merchandise correlation, and allow for unique optimizations between different product types. 

Shop Fan Merchandise In-Video

Fans can explore and purchase their favorite team clothing, player jerseys, subscribe to sports networks and even buy season passes in just one click or tap.

Dive into Team Stats and Player Bios

Without leaving the highlight reel, fans can stay informed on team stats, read player bios and explore additional branded content all within the creative.

Provide More to Sponsors

Easily incorporate links or in-video shopping opportunities to sponsors in correlation with sponsorship logos and content within any sports creative.

Sports Interactive Video Example

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