How Smithfield Boosted Brand Awareness with KERV Interactive

By Ashley Kaczmar • September 28, 2021


Smithfield, an American pork producer, and food-processing company were looking for a way to engage users on a deeper level and raise awareness for their suite of meat products. 

Smithfield needed a solution that would:

  • Highlight their wide array of products within the video, turning ads into opportunities to raise awareness about specific products.
  • Increase time spent with the creatives, driving deeper connection between the user and the brand.

They recognized the opportunity to leverage innovation, interactive video technology to turn traditional video ads into unique brand experiences. 


Using KERV Max and KERV Shop, Smithfield empowered three different creatives, transforming them into interactive experiences and highlighting 44 total objects, driving increased awareness. By using KERV’s technology, Smithfield was able to populate product-specific tiles based on the video context. These titles provided more information on each product featured in the video, as well as product-specific landing pages, allowing users to create their own journey and shorten the path to purchase.  


The results generated by the interactive and shoppable versions of Smithfield’s ads showed performance indexes that exceeded client expectations and were well above industry benchmarks. 


  • Click-through Rate: 2.44% (+1120% above benchmark)  
  • Interaction Rate: 15.51%  (+954% above benchmark)  
  • Time Spent: 38.2 seconds (+96% above benchmark)
  • Earned Time Spent: 8.2 seconds


  • Click-through Rate: 2.22% (+1010% above benchmark)  
  • Time Spent: 25.2 seconds (+29% above benchmark)
  • Average. Object-Level Interaction by Creative: 16,399

By working with KERV Interactive, Smithfield was able to bring more dimension to their video creatives, drive deeper brand engagement, and expand upon their understanding of user behaviors.

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