Smarter quarantine marketing: interactive video engagement can help businesses maximize online ad spend

By kerv • March 25, 2020

There is a rapidly growing need for remote communication amid the Coronavirus pandemic, and brands are fighting hard to stand out from the influx of content and information. Now more than ever, our daily lives connect through watching all content digitally.

Recognizing that every penny counts in these trying times, innovative companies like KERV, a multi-award-winning interactive video company, are helping businesses more effectively communicate with and engage their audiences through interactive technology. 

While consumers are relying on digital experiences, brands can maximize the value of their ad spend by creating interactive experiences from existing videos. With KERV’s patented interactive video technology, brands can highly increase engagement, clicks, time spent with ads and converstions with shoppability and object-level intelligence. 

Interactive video lets consumers get the information they want, when they want it, and is exactly what consumers are looking for and brands need to stand out from the crowd.

KERV products allow a viewer watching content on any digital device, including a Connected TV, to click on the product to: a) buy now; b) find out more; c) text a coupon; d) schedule a test drive, etc. Consumers are more connected to information and content than ever before; likewise, leading edge technologies, like KERV’s interactive video solutions, can create new opportunities for retailers, brands, and other businesses across the globe.

Interactive video and KERV’s patented technology are necessary and compelling in marketer’s media-mix, especially now as we’re surrounded by increased digital demand and companies requiring maximized ROAS.

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