How to Create Seamless Commerce Experiences With Interactive Video Ads

By Ashley Kaczmar • August 24, 2021

Imagine you’re browsing online and you come across a video ad that interests you. It has several products in it, but one, in particular, catches your eye. You click or tap through to buy, but you end up on a landing page that doesn’t relate to what the ad promised, or it’s a landing page with an overwhelming number of items and you have to dig through to find the one you wanted in the first place. 

It doesn’t make for the best experience and it can even mean you choose not to buy the item after all. That’s not ideal for you or the brand. With research showing that 53% of consumers say digital experiences are even more important than in-person ones, brands need to ensure that every experience, including digital video advertising, is consistent and seamless.

Consumers Use Video More Than Ever

Studies have found that, in 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption. On top of that, 86% of consumers said that they want to see more videos from brands, rather than traditional, static advertisements. 

In recent years, video consumption has become a key part of the consumer journey. With streaming continuing to grow and social video platforms investing more and more in video, consumers have no shortage of branded video content being placed in front of them.

What is missing, however, is video content that creates a truly unique and captivating experience. That’s where interactive video comes into play. 

Bridging the Gap Between Content and Commerce

When looking at the consumer journey, video is often thought of as upper-funnel content. In the same study mentioned above, 68% of consumers said they preferred watching videos to learn more about new products or services.  For advertisers, video is how brands raise awareness and bring attention to the products they have to offer. 

However, by using interactive video, advertisers can elevate the impact of their video content. Interactive video allows consumers to create their own, unique journey through a brand’s content.

When users can click or tap directly onto an object in a video and see more information or even shop directly from that video, it makes that video content actionable. Brands can turn viewers into shoppers. 

KERV Interactive is able to make an infinite amount of products in any video interactive and shoppable. KERV’s patented, object-level identification creates a one-to-one relationship with the products shown in the video and the product description pages, eliminating the need for users to navigate through the site to track down the product that interested them.

Benefits of Using Interactive Video Technology for Brands

In addition to giving consumers a unique brand experience, interactive video helps advertisers gain a better understanding of the consumers engaging with the videos. By using one or more KERV Interactive’s products, brands can maximize their campaign performance and receive enhanced, cookieless user data. 

Let’s use an athleisure wear company as an example. By adding interactivity to a video featuring a wide array of clothing items, KERV is able to tell the brand which category of products featured is most popular, such as leggings or sweaters. KERV can even tell the advertisers if a user is more likely to buy one of those products in a certain color. It’s an unprecedented level of insight, adding more accountability to video content and new ways for advertisers to report on and optimize their campaigns. 

Interactive video content is a two-way consumer experience, enabling deeper connections between the consumer and the brand. Want to see what interactive video can do for your brand? Contact KERV Interactive today.

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