New Technology and the Future of Media Buying

By kerv • January 22, 2020

One of the worst kept secrets in advertising is that programmatic buying is the way of the future. Every year, a larger and larger percentage of ads are transacted programmatically. This trend is only set to increase as more of the world comes online, more ad spend is dedicated to mobile and the consumer data revolution continues.

This seismic shift in the way ads are bought and sold has been both a blessing and curse for media shops around the world. With the increasingly massive amount of data available, programmatic ad buying is both richer and more complex than ever.

It can be hard sometimes to cut through the noise and know which data points, which optimizations, are driving real results for your business. What is actually worth looking at?

Certainly, this industry has come a long way from the early days of “spray and pray” media strategies and rampant ad fraud. This infant technology seemed, at first, to be just a more convenient way to buy and sell ad space.

Fast forward to today, and programmatic ad buying has been a game-changer. This method allows advertisers and media shops to seamlessly reach their ever-more specific target audiences at the exact right moment, wherever they are online.

However, at the same time, in many ways, a lot of media shops are stuck in the past still using the same old, passive metrics and outdated attribution models to measure the effectiveness of their ads.

With the unending wealth of information available on the consumer side, it is time the buyers caught up. It is time to move beyond mere clicks and quartiles to something deeper. 

If you have explored the KERV Interactive site at all – (and please do!) – you have already discovered how KERV is revolutionizing video to be a more engaging, active and lean-in experience.

When we first took our patented tech to market, we soon became frustrated with how limiting the current state of programmatic buying can be. Despite the wealth of data our tech provides, we found few were equipped to both ingest that data and use it strategically. So, we decided that in order to get the most out of our revolutionary tech we needed to build our own revolutionary managed DSP. 

KERV’s MDSP is different. We have mastered the art of optimizing distribution based on both log-level data and our 15+ proprietary data metrics to drive real, deep engagement and bring consumers down the conversion funnel.

Just as the evolution of programmatic took digital advertising from a “spray and pray” approach to a consumer-targeted one, our MDSP takes it one step further. We are able to target optimizations down to the scene and object level of creatives, providing real-time insights into consumer interest and preference. We even feed that data straight back into our optimizations, achieving amazing engagement and ROAS results. But, it gets even better.

At KERV, we are able to create first party, real-time product-interest segments based not just on web searches or past-purchases, but direct, in-asset product interactions. We are then able to move these highly qualified users down the conversion funnel by sequentially targeting them with unique creative, based on the products they are most interested in. This data can, in-turn, inform everything from media strategy to creative focus to company-wide ad spend. 

It was once said, “I know I’m wasting half my ad dollars, I just don’t know which half.” In many ways that is still largely the case, but those days are numbered.

When you serve your ads through KERV’s managed DSP, you can take full advantage of the benefits that programmatic ad serving brings to the table, while receiving real-time, statistically significant, creative-level feedback.

No longer do advertisers have to rely on shaky surveys and focus groups to get audience feedback. No longer do media planners have to rely on downstream data, which takes months to collect to assess the effectiveness of their media strategy.

It’s past time that buyers stopped merely accepting that we are wasting half our ad dollars, and start asking: “Well, which half?”  

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