Neiman Marcus x Vogue Elevate Holiday Campaign With KERV Interactive Video Tech

By kerv • January 7, 2020

Creating an Interactive Video Campaign

Neiman Marcus teamed up with Vogue and Conde Nast to produce the 2019 “A Night at Neiman’s” holiday ad, sponsored by MasterCard who focuses on payment innovation.

Trendsetters in both fashion and advertising markets, the brands saw an opportunity to boost conversation with consumers while also monetizing individual products featured in the video.

KERV worked hand-in-hand with the Neiman Marcus team to activate an interactive experience, allowing consumers to further engage with the creative as well as shop directly from the video.

Neiman Marcus was able to identify products they wanted KERV to activate with the video platform’s patented highlight glow, unique text and URLs to further drive consideration for purchase. With KERV’s technology, every product in a video has a unique URL and drives users to a specific product or service on a client’s site.

KERV quickly turned the 3-minute video asset into an interactive and shoppable experience with over 100+ points of engagement and clickthrough URLs.

The interactive experience serves as an added bonus of convenience for online consumers and provides new data insights for the brands about how individual scenes and objects in the creative performed. The interactive activation was a new way for the iconic brands to extend a luxury experience into their advertising strategy.

More than just shoppable, KERV’s patented technology creates an all-in-one, website-like user experience, within a video, while helping brands better understand what’s relevant to their audiences.

Importance of Building Ads that Allow for Additional, Outside Revenue

Building ads that allow for additional interactive agility and opportunity is the way of the future of video advertising. KERV’s patented technology lifts and adds dimension to existing video ads that clients have invested time and money into by organically driving up interaction and consumer time spent with the brand.

The proxies that the technology removes can directly increase ROAS and correlate to ROI, but KERV’s main focus is getting consumers to organically interact and spend more time with the brand and relevant items featured in the video creative.

From a publisher standpoint, brands and marketers create content throughout the year. KERV’s video technology allows for audience engagement and specific object identification, which helps push users further down the purchasing funnel.

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