KERV creates and distributes unique interactive experiences from existing video that drives deeper user engagement and time spent with brands. KERV’s patent-protected precision provides new object-level and 1st-party data opportunities while allowing for 3rd-party tagging throughout. KERV offers the first true action-based accountability reporting for video in the market.

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Through meticulous research and focus group testing, KERV’s platform has been successfully adopted by over 100 million unique users. Our interactive experience brings increased user adoption and engagement rates, greatly surpassing traditional in-stream video.


Earned Time Spent

Users spend more time exploring scenes and objects, even after the creative has ended


Link-Out Opportunities

When every object is interactive, users have significantly more opportunities to link-out to multiple locations


Interaction Rate

The amount of interactions a user can perform is limitless when exploring objects in each saved scene

How It Works

KERV’s platform requires no added video production and can ingest MP4/MOV etc. or Vast tags. Through AI/ML the platform will automatically scan video files, dynamically identifying unique objects within a scene in any video. The system then automatically matches object titles, descriptions and link out URLs for each object from product feeds, web pages or an asset file.

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