What is KERV?

KERV is a digital advertising platform built on cutting-edge patented technology that identifies objects by their pixel edges in any video stream.

Leveraging breakthrough Machine Learning techniques, KERV technology recognizes depth, dimension and objects within a video just as the natural eye does. This enables every frame in every scene of any video to be an immersive, interactive experience for consumers.


  • New patented technology, utilizing modern Machine Learning techniques
  • 3-5x engagement & time spent (vs. industry standard)
  • Full rights & insight to all proprietary 1st-party data you never knew existed
  • Flexible partnership utilizing our DEN (Dimensional Engagement Network) for superb content distribution
  • 100% viewable inventory
  • Unprecedented brand + lift experience – allowing you to extend your brands’ content within your existing video assets
  • No need to modify existing content & no additional production fees
  • Average time spent is 1:30 (with a 30 second asset!)
  • First-of-its-kind post-campaign wrap deck
Kia Stinger