KERV Launches Significant Update to Video Approval Console

By Ashley Kaczmar • November 2, 2021

New tool will make approval process for creative video elements easier than ever before!

KERV Interactive, a recognized machine learning and AI technology company specializing in helping agencies and marketers futureproof the bridging of content and commerce, has launched a newly updated Video Approval Console (VAC) to further streamline and improve how businesses approve multiple creative and interactive elements in their video marketing assets.

The new KERV VAC is a one-of-a-kind, custom tool that cuts down the process of interactive video approvals by at least 50%, with more ease and efficiency. KERV’s AI and interactive technology analyzes and creates metadata that is used to create multiple touchpoints throughout standard video assets. With this precision, KERV can sometimes add 50-100+ interactive and clickable elements throughout a video creative so wanted to get ahead of making this process turnkey. KERV’s VAC features approvals or edits at the object or product-level, which includes copy adjustments, destination URL adjustments, image adjustments, and more. It allows clients to easily adjust overall user experience elements such as PCTA color and copy, creative glow color, and object or product overlay style. The VAC also includes a comment tool that allows for direct communication with the KERV support team, eliminating errors and miscommunication that result from using email. The KERV team also can respond and walk through any changes or requests, and the team can receive instant notifications that include all detailed comments when feedback or approval is submitted.

“We know how complex the approval process can be, and with KERV already adding layers to the experience we made it a priority to also build a tool that streamlines the way our clients review and provide feedback for every unique KERV element within a processed video asset,” notes Marika Roque, COO of KERV. “Our revamped VAC will help businesses become more efficient, nimble, and powerful within their interactive and shoppable video strategies without the added obstacle of approvals.”

See the original release here.

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