KERV Interactive Video Solutions Enhance Travel Marketing

By Ashley Kaczmar • July 19, 2021

Tech company KERV helps tourism brands keep travelers safe while promoting special offers.

As the summer reaches its peak and people are anxious to get back out in the world again, travel is thriving once more. For the tourism industry, pixel-precise, interactive video marketing presents unique, thoughtful, and dynamic ways to engage consumers while disseminating crucial information along with special offers for any experience or destination. And no one does this better than KERV Interactive.

KERV is leveraging its patented technology to create 1:1 relationships with attractions, places of interest, restaurants, concert venues, museums, and more. By using proprietary, image-recognition technology to process and contextualize actual scenes and objects in a video, KERV creates awareness around destinations and helps users engage, at the most precise level, with travel brands for conversion opportunities. Clients and partners utilizing interactive to take their video even further during such an important time cover the travel industry spectrum and include South Dakota Tourism, Marriott, Destination DC, Custer State Park, and Delta Airlines. 

As companies are striving to get consumers back into travel, KERV is enabling brands to communicate how they are keeping travelers safe while also delivering promotions and travel deals – all in the same video creative. For example, South Dakota Tourism is using KERV TV across their CTV and OTT strategies while adding KERV MAX interactive video to destination pages and KERV Embed across social strategies to create even more value and differentiate themselves in a saturated market.

With light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and people everywhere ready for a break, a piece on interactive marketing in the travel industry would be compelling for a wide range of audiences, from business enthusiasts to those interested in travel, post-pandemic life, technology, and more.

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