KERV Talks Best Practices for Managing Interactive Video Campaigns in Adweek Webinar

By kerv • June 1, 2020

Bridging the Gap Between Performance & User Connections

KERV Interactive, a multi-award-winning interactive video company revolutionizing the performance of digital advertising with its patented technology, partnered with Adweek on Wednesday, May 27 to host a dynamic webinar in an effort to help viewers better understand how to strategize for interactive video campaigns.

COO, Marika Roque, along with VP of Media & Client Strategy Bill Roberson, started by walking attendees through new data compiled on current interactive video trends during the COVID-era, split up between gaming, tech and food/beverage verticals. The data reveals that interactive video is outperforming standard video campaigns even more than prior to the pandemic timeline.

Viewers were then guided through three unique real-life case studies, showcasing how KERV, along with their clients, were able to effectively increase performance, interaction rates and overall time spent with their brands—focusing additional time on the strategies that were used to achieve the final results.

The webinar was catered more around educating viewers on best practices and future recommendations versus simply toting outright performance. The true benefit of interactive video is the ability to focus your campaign feedback, creative variations, as well as messaging, in a much more granular and refined manner.

Knowing that interactive video is still a relatively new concept in practice, KERV wants to enlighten clients and brands to consider video campaign performance with a whole new perspective.

The webinar had 1,000+ registrants, 370+ viewers, and was centered around educating viewers on best practices and future recommendations versus simply touting outright performance. Viewers were also guided through case studies, demonstrating how KERV effectively increased performance, interaction rates and overall time spent with brand.

Interested in learning more? Use the links below to access the full webinar, or download the presentation PDF.

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About KERV Interactive

Based in Austin, Texas, KERV Interactive is the world’s most advanced interactive video technology company and is revolutionizing the future of video engagement through dimensional storytelling. KERV’s digital advertising platform was built on cutting-edge, patented technology and adds extraordinary value to brands, agencies, and creative and data-science teams by creating audience-to-brand connections within video like never before. Leveraging breakthrough machine learning techniques and AI with unmatched processing speed, the KERV technology recognizes depth, dimension, and objects within a video just as precisely as the natural eye. KERV enables every frame in every scene of any digital video to be an immersive, interactive experience for consumers.

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