KERV Product Updates: What’s New & What’s to Come in 2022

By Ashley Kaczmar • July 12, 2022

Over 76% of the US population now watches digital video and those watching digital video spend around 2 hours and 41 minutes a day consuming content. The steady growth of video consumption coupled with the acceleration of ecommerce has given rise to a new way of buying—interactive and shoppable video. From social commerce to livestream shopping, it’s clear shoppable videos are here to stay.

At KERV, we strive to take these videos farther through our patented interactive technology. We’re continuously evolving our product suite to better serve brands and agencies and anticipate their needs, especially during economically uncertain times. In 2022, we’ve launched several new product updates, which empower brands to…

  • Better optimize their ads.
  • Drive deeper engagement.
  • Enhance the consumer experience.

Here are the notable product updates we’ve released in 2022:

Product Menu

KERV Shop, our commerce-focused product, features a carousel of products that users can interact with during the video. For example, let’s say a makeup retailer has a video featuring lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. As each item appears in the video, a tile is populated on one side of the screen for that product, allowing users to interact with or shop any product right from the video as soon as they see it. 

We’ve seen huge success with our Shop product, with some brands exceeding their CTR benchmarks by as much as 500%+. Now, we’re taking KERV Shop one step further. The latest update to Shop features a Product Menu that aims to enhance the user experience and allow them to interact with every product in the video all at once.

Image of KERV product update showcasing the product menu. Image shows a paused video with a carousel of products on screen. A mousehand is illustrating the scrollability.

The Product Menu can be added to the video in two different ways:

  • When a viewer clicks on the background of a video, the content pauses and pulls up the Product Menu. 
  • An additional 15-second end frame can be added to the video specifically for the Product Menu, garnering more time spent with content and an additional product-only focus opportunity. 

Dynamic Product Menu Features

The products featured within the Product Menu can also be dynamically associated with a live product feed. This enables the product tiles to automatically update based on availability, color changes, and more for unique creative optimizations. 

For example, if the video features a handbag that comes in multiple colors and the KERV data indicates that black is the most popular color choice, the ad can update the product tile so that the black version of the bag is shown.

KERV’s technology can even indicate unique product deals or specials for further dynamic callouts in the Product Menu.

  • Brands can enable an Intro CTA which appears within 5 seconds of the video to indicate “exclusive” or “low price” deals.
  • KERV’s technology can verify a sale or an exclusive item via the product feed. This prompts a special icon to appear on the item’s tile in the Product Menu to highlight unique promotions.

Image of KERV product update featuring dynamic product menu feature. Image shows a frame from a video with a call to action highlighting the exclusive product icon.

Banners 3.0

KERV’s interactive banners have always provided strong sequential targeting when utilized alongside any of KERV’s video products because the delivery of these banner ads is informed by the unique video user engagement data taken during the correlating video. 

First, a consumer is shown a KERV’d video. So let’s say the video served to the consumer is a furniture ad. The video features a bed, couch, dining table, and recliner and the user hovers over the dining table and interacts with the product’s tile. Later, they are served a banner featuring that same dining table they interacted with in the video. 

The interactive video allows for sequential messaging to be more effective and further pushes the consumer through the purchase funnel—adding more value to the brand’s video spend. Now, KERV is expanding the capabilities of our banners, thanks to new innovations.

Brands have the option of delivering a banner version of the scene they interacted with in a video or they can opt to have the banner show the most interacted object from the video. 

Gif showcasing the 3.0 banner product update. The gif shows a white settee that is moused over. When moused over, the settee has a purple glow overaly and a tile pops up with product information and a link to shop.

Additionally, banners can also be served based on geolocation and timing to:

  • Highlight local deals or rewards based on the user’s location. 
  • Deliver a version based on the specific time of day or unique dates. 

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