How Lexus Delivered Immersive Product Experiences with Interactive Video

By Ashley Kaczmar • November 11, 2019


Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of automaker Toyota, sought to deepen awareness and reach with an innovative video solution. They needed a technology that would:

  • Highlight individual components within the video creative
  • Provide insight into their audience’s behavior in relation to the video 
  • Increase time spent with the video creative


Using KERV Max, KERV’s comprehensive interactive video product, Lexus provided its audience with an immersive experience. By highlighting individual aspects of the vehicle within the creative, Lexus was able to educate on different elements in the video and drive users to unique landing pages for each element—all within the same video.

KERV Max gives users the freedom to decide what element the user wishes to interact with, empowering audiences to create their own journeys within the video. This created net new touchpoints which helped Lexus better understand user intent, while also powering rich sequential and dynamic creative strategies. 


Overall, KERV Max was able to maximize the effectiveness of Lexus’ video strategy.

  • CTR: 0.96% (773% above the benchmark)
  • Interaction Rate: 3.87% (3,418% above the benchmark)
  • Avg. Time Spent with Asset: 38 seconds (100% above the benchmark)
  • Avg. Time Spent with Frame: 7 seconds (186% above the benchmark)

KERV Sizzle Reel