KERV and Forbes Launch Shoppable Video for Advertisers

By kerv • July 15, 2020

Interactive technology to deliver shoppable video for KERV’s first business media publisher

KERV Interactive, a multi-award-winning interactive video company revolutionizing the performance of digital advertising with its patented technology, is working with Forbes, the world’s largest business media brand, to create interactive, branded and shoppable content on Forbes is the first business media publisher to leverage KERV’s patented interactive video technology.

The innovative collaboration enables Forbes to offer advertisers an opportunity to engage its audience in new ways within video content. Content creators and brand marketers are able to highlight individual products throughout a video with unlimited shoppable links or additional information, while users are able to interact as the video progresses and even save scenes to engage with later. KERV’s platform creates a content experience that is more educational for the users and offers marketers a more engaged consumer.

KERV Interactive is delivering unprecedented interaction and click through rates. In a test, Forbes-produced content averaged click through rates more than double the industry standard. With 107 uniquely interactive and shoppable opportunities across multiple videos, the test garnered an overall activity rate including clicks, scene saves and object interactions more than six times the standard CTR on video pre-roll.

This new approach is enabling Forbes to increase engagement and time spent with content while increasing shoppability for branded content and video ads. It also allows the opportunity to pull in additional embedded videos and social media link outs, all from one primary video experience. Marketers can even add interactivity to old content to give it a refresh at a time when they may not be able to film new videos.

“Working with Forbes showcases how our patented interactive video technology can be transformative for publishers,” notes Marika Roque, COO at KERV.

“We’re consistently looking for new ways to engage our audiences and connect them with the content that matters,” says Jessica Sibley, Chief Revenue Officer at Forbes. “KERV gives us the ability to create a powerful experience for both our audience and our marketing partners.”

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Based in Austin, Texas, KERV Interactive is the world’s most advanced interactive video technology company and is revolutionizing the future of video engagement through dimensional storytelling. KERV’s digital advertising platform was built on cutting‑edge, patented technology and adds extraordinary value to brands, agencies, and creative and data‑science teams by creating audience‑to‑brand connections within video like never before. Leveraging breakthrough machine learning techniques and AI with unmatched processing speed, the KERV technology recognizes depth, dimension, and objects within a video just as precisely as the natural eye. KERV enables every frame in every scene of any digital video to be an immersive, interactive experience for consumers.

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