How to Boost Holiday Campaigns with Interactive and Shoppable Videos

By Ashley Kaczmar • September 30, 2021

Throughout 2021, digital video ad spend has increased. In fact, more than half of 2021 video budgets were allocated to digital, whether that’s on desktop, mobile, or CTV. According to IAB, brands allocated 56% of their video budget to digital video tactics, while linear TV tactics are seeing about 41% of ad spend. 

This doesn’t come as a surprise. In 2020, digital desktop and mobile video surpassed $35 million in average spend per advertiser, which was up 7% from 2019. As spend for digital video continues to climb, brands should be carefully considering the tool and strategies they use to ensure they get the most out of their ad spend. Especially as we move into the holiday season.

An E-Commerce Driven Holiday Season

For consumers, the pandemic rapidly accelerated the adoption of e-commerce. eMarketer predicts that in 2021, e-commerce sales will rise to $206.88 billion during the holiday season, an 11.3% growth in sales compared to last year. In fact, e-commerce sales are expected to comprise nearly 20% of the total holiday retail sales. 

With so many consumers moving more and more towards e-commerce as their shopping experience of choice, brands are presented with a unique opportunity to get even more out of their ad spend and video creatives. And one of the best ways to make the most of their campaigns is through interactive and shoppable video.

The Limits of Traditional Video Advertising

Creative production for video advertising is a time-consuming process and requires significant resources. During the holiday season, most brands can only produce one or two creatives. There isn’t room to adapt the messaging as things change, and that limitation is felt even more when supply chains are constrained. 

By utilizing interactive and shoppable technologies, brands can expand upon their holiday creatives. They can adapt messaging according to what’s in stock, the date consumers need to get an order in to receive their package on time, or even by how the consumer interacted with the video previously. 

KERV Interactive’s patented, object-identification technology enables dynamic creative customization. It allows brands to reach consumers where they are and shortens the path to purchase. KERV is the only seamless commerce video technology that can optimize and power cookieless, sequential retargeting across the full sales funnel, down to mid and low-funnel actions. By leveraging KERV’s technology, brands are able to increase measured awareness, favorability, and intent.

The Power of Interactive and Shoppable Vidoes

Recently, KERV Interactive hosted a webinar providing a deep dive into how brands can leverage interactive and shoppable videos to boost their holiday campaigns. In this webinar, you’ll receive information on:

  • How interactive and shoppable videos bridge the gap between content and commerce
  • Why interactive is the best choice for creative amplification and agility
  • Examples of KERV Interactive’s technology in action 

Watch the full webinar here.

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