Interactive Video Technology Boosts Donations to Susan G. Komen Fundraising, in Time for World Cancer Day

By kerv • February 3, 2021

Tech pioneer KERV Interactive helps venerable organization drive online donations to find a cure for breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, has been fighting to finding a cure for breast cancer since 1982. Now, they can do that more effectively with the help of AI technology and innovative marketing strategies.

Facing fundraising challenges during the global pandemic, revenue through the Komen digital campaigns was even more critically important this year. KERV Interactive, a multi‑award‑winning video technology leader, in partnership with the strategic minds at Goodway Group, added interactivity and 40+ uniquely defined points of engagement to multiple Komen videos.

These interactive layers optimized the video ad’s capabilities, and drove awareness as well as monetization opportunities for qualified donors and targeted audiences. Digital fundraising, through interactive video, offered the charity an effective solution for staying on track to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the United States by 2026.

As a result, Komen significantly lowered its cost per donation, generating more than three times the donations compared to its non-interactive video campaigns.

Komen attributes over $110,000 in media-attributed revenue (with a nominal amount from duplications), from September to December 2020, to KERV’s interactive video technology.

Susan G. Komen Case Study

In December alone, the Cost Per Donation for interactive video was 16.6X stronger than non-interactive video. Not only did the video technology help Komen drive more donations, interactive video proved more efficient than non-interactive digital video at building a re-targeting pool and getting potential donors into the funnel.

World Cancer Day: February 4, 2021
If you would like to support Susan G. Komen in their fight against breast cancer, please visit their website here.

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