Interactive Video is a Game-Changer for Pharma & Telemedicine

By kerv • May 5, 2020

The global pandemic and quarantine have changed the world over the past several weeks. And, as we adjust to a new normal and its implications on our healthcare systems, people around the world are becoming more interested in pharmaceuticals and telemedicine. This is where interactive video ads can make a monumental difference.

Information is critical now more than ever before. For pharma and telemedicine videos, interactive ads can include essential data, ISI (Important Safety Information), instructions and much more. Here are just a few opportunities:


Some pharma content needs to uphold a certain set of regulations and laws. KERV’s patented platform provides object-level integration options for companies to include disclaimers, ISI, and other legal copy directly in videos.

Awareness/Education for Healthcare Providers

Interactive technology can help pharma reps better connect with healthcare professionals to demonstrate the value of products, treatments, and medicines.

Awareness/Education for Consumers

Interactive video allows consumers to be well informed about products or updates with interchangeable text, linked to each product or service, creating a multi-layered storytelling effect.


Interactive videos generate increased interest, video engagement, performance, and time spent with brands/products.


Along with awareness and education, KERV brings ecommerce to the forefront of videos with object-level shoppability while providing a more accessible commerce stream with shopping cart and linking features within a video asset.

Impact on Telemedicine

As telemedicine adoption rates most likely will increase post-COVID, interactive video can help healthcare providers deliver more relevant information while giving patients better care.

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