Why Brands Need Interactive Video Data

By Ashley Kaczmar • June 15, 2022

For years, advertisers have looked to view rates and completion rates as the main way to gauge the success of their digital video campaigns. However, without knowing the action taken from a video, it can be difficult to prove the video’s impact. 

The good news is that interactive video is taking off, and this technology enables significantly deeper and more powerful video metric tracking through interactive video data. 

Deeper Understanding of the Consumer Journey

Interactive video shortens the path to purchase by allowing consumers to click on individual products/objects in the video and go to that product/object’s landing page. It’s a seamless, frictionless way to lead people from awareness to consideration to conversion all from one piece of content. 

This interactive technology also captures each action the consumer takes with the video. Advertisers can see what scenes they spent the most time with, what objects drove them to click, and where they were taken immediately from the video. 

These multiple touchpoints and link-out opportunities deliver data that offers an unmatched illustration of the consumer’s journey—empowering brands and advertisers to better strategize their digital video campaigns.

Powerful and Unique Optimizations

By leveraging interactive technology, brands and advertisers can better optimize both targeting and creatives. For example, when integrated with product feeds, KERV’s technology can provide a real-time correlation between purchases and video engagement. 

KERV’s technology is able to determine if the consumer is more likely to buy from a specific product category, such as sweaters or leggings, and even go so deep as to discover color preferences. We can also look at retailer preference. 

This is all data captured from the consumer’s organic actions taken in the video. Brands and advertisers can pair these insights together to inform future creatives and more accurately target consumers with those creatives. 

Stronger Sequential Messaging

Interactive video data uncovers the consumer’s true intent and lean-in. This gives brands and advertisers a way to more effectively execute sequential messaging. 

Brands can deliver richer stories and experiences across platforms and devices through their deeper understanding of the consumer. It allows results in a better connection and relationship between the consumer and the brand. 

By connecting consumer actions to individual products/objects through interactive experiences, brands are able to add unprecedented accountability to their video content, resulting in a better understanding of the consumer and improved targeting. 

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