Interactive Video can Help Transform the Education Industry

By kerv • July 6, 2020

KERV’s ad technology platform is a boon for students, parents & educators

Technology is changing the education industry in countless ways. Now, interactive video is transforming how education can benefit students, parents, and educators.

The education sector has multiple challenges: communicating tons of dynamic information, being able to answer questions in real-time, hitting revenue goals, and pushing mission values. Video technology by companies like KERV can achieve these goals. Some benefits include:

  • Custom communications. Personalizing communication to different groups (students, parents, prospective students, etc.) while optimizing communication on the fly.
  • Awareness. With the state of education being in flux due to COVID-19, interactive tech can keep students informed on prospective schools’ decisions without the need to update the full video creative.
  • Keeping parents informed. Interactive video allows parents a way to stay up to date as they help their children decide on next steps for their educational paths and futures (safety measures, financial implications, and more).
  • Curriculum & academics. As colleges and high schools gear up to make a large portion of classes virtual, interactive video is a perfect way to inform target audiences on how these classes will function and be structured, and perhaps even provide sample scenarios.
  • Versatility. Along with awareness, KERV can add versatility and depth to a singular video with object-level messaging focusing on a wider variety of resources: sanitation standards, student mental health, financial support, housing, and more.
  • Centralization. With KERV technology, education creatives are enriched, allowing users to learn about and link out to any programs offered at the university all in a centralized location – this fosters a deeper connection to the college.

As the education sector adapts to life in the age of COVID-19 and quarantines, KERV is transforming digital education and communication through the use of video.

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