Interactive Digital Advertising: A Perfect Compliment to Gaming in the Quarantine

By kerv • May 20, 2020

Countless aspects of normal life have been diminished in this quarantine: parties, social engagements, shopping, working in an office, etc. But, one thing has risen dramatically during this time: gaming! With more and more people stuck at home, the hours spent on gaming have skyrocketed. Interactive video, meanwhile, is perfectly poised to help advertisers and brands make the most of this rare opportunity.

Gaming presents a constant flood of new content, game patches, modes, etc., all rolled out on most titles across their lifecycle. Interactive video ads from innovative companies like KERV, the multi-award-winning interactive video company, provide versatility and powerful technology to accommodate high processing speed as well as enhanced user experiences.

For example, KERV’s patented technology inserts seamless interactivity into existing video to help boost numerous elements, such as the following:


Interactive video technology unlocks creative video elements and gives gamers even more versatility and choice, especially with updates throughout a game’s lifecycles.


Engagement, linkout rates, and time spent with a brand increase with intelligent interactive video elements. KERV has seen the average time spent exceed 2x the creative’s length on gaming campaigns.


Gaming companies now have the ability to utilize a single creative and effectively create different versions with dedicated messaging specific to consoles and other devices that players use.


To help communicate changes and updates (e.g., new characters, new weapons, new promos, etc.), interactive video provides an efficient method of distributing a full breadth of information consistently and quickly.


With object-level audio and video clips integrated into the ad experience, KERV can facilitate a deeper and richer connection with a brand, allowing consumers to lean in and learn more.

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