Interactive ads make eCommerce even more powerful

By kerv • August 19, 2020

As we all stay at home and manage this age of COVID, online shopping and eCommerce are hitting new peaks every day. And, new technology, such as interactive video ads, give brands even more powerful ways to connect with consumers and boost shoppability. KERV, the multi-award-winning interactive video company, is leading the charge in this regard.

KERV’s patented technology can make an infinite amount of products within any video or image, whether on a website or distributed in an advertisement, interactive and shoppable. If a brand is investing in a more optimized on-site ecommerce structure, interactive video such as what KERV provides can increase consumer connections and shoppability by leaps and bounds. Other aspects of KERV’s interactive video ads:

  • Brands can integrate product feeds with KERV for real time correlation, or product feeds can be built directly in KERV’s platform.
  • KERV’s precision allows for unmatched identification and shoppability, with no redundancy or overlap in the experience.
  • Brands gain the ability to streamline different co-op versions of creative and make co-ops feel special with unique branding opportunities.
  • Different items can click out to different retailers throughout the creative or dynamically update as products go out of stock.

Moreover, KERV’s technology can create a 1:1 relationship with the products shown in the creative and the product description pages. This efficiency eliminates the need for users to navigate the site to track down the product depicted in the creative.

As eCommerce continues to burgeon during COVID, interactive video and KERV are helping lead the charge by enhancing the consumer shopping experience.

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