Inside Look at Digiday’s Addressable TV Hot Topic Event 2020

By Marika Roque • March 5, 2020

On Monday, February 24, 2020, Digiday hosted its Hot Topic: Addressable TV event in New York City where media marketers zeroed in on the acceleration of audience-based targeting for sharpening campaigns.

Industry leaders from KERV, Digitas, Mindshare, Modi Media, Horizon Media, Havas, Jaguar Land Rover, Dentsu and more filled the discussion and provided new insights into this trend.

Programmatic is a methodology, not a media channel

The key takeaway from the one-day event was that the addressable TV media strategy still has a lot of room for growth. While the growth in connected TV viewership has made it easier for advertisers to aim their campaigns at specific audience segments, addressable TV advertising is still being fine-tuned.

The size of the audience is currently limited and should still be paired with other media such as a linear strategy. Convoluted sales environments, measurement issues and inventory limitations have frustrated advertisers’ abilities to pinpoint audiences on TV. Measurement and cross device frequency capping are presenting challenges.

Data can solve a lot of challenges

KERV is not a device graph company, but there are many technology companies that are working to solve this problem. Currently, there is a problem of publisher/content versus platform – making the frequency puzzle even more difficult as consideration for both content/show and device frequency need to be considered.

Once cross device is truly connected, KERV can maximize ad add dimension the frequency modeling, by interaction. KERV maximizes frequency-based impact by personalizing and/or versioning creatives based on the initial object-level touch patterns, in real time, depending on when the ad needs to be served. Imagine being able to frequency model against object category!

Connecting data its its own challenge 

Laura Destefanis, manager, brand & retail advertising at Jaguar Land Rover, and Ryan Webb, client partnerships at Xandr, spoke about closed loop reporting to reach in-market auto intenders by combining relevant creative and audience-based buying.

This is where KERV steps in to further drive success by adding layers of value from modeling directly to interactions which connect with their bottom line.

Vevo and TVision talked about measuring engagement with music video content with details around research highlighting how long viewers spend engaging, view demographics and view patterns. KERV makes this extremely easy with new audience targeting methods and action-based consumer data visualization reports from in-video interactions at the object-level.

Modi Media discussed how the addressable TV ad market has historically been hindered by a lack of available inventory, and a struggle to stitch together a national audience. Marc Cestaro, director, addressable lead at Modi Media, discussed how addressable is overused and should only be 1-1 targeting at the household level zip versus HH.

Overall, the day was filled with valuable insights from an influential group of advertising executives.

Marika Roque, COO at KERV Interactive.

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