IAB’s Advanced TV Matrix: A Market Snapshot

By kerv • June 20, 2019

KERV Interactive was recently listed as one of the working group companies for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) “Advanced TV Matrix: A Market Snapshot” guide. We are proud to collaborate alongside companies such as ABC, A&E, Adobe, CBS, Google, Hulu, NBC, SpotX, Sony, Verizon and many more to proactively educate about our industry. Click here to view the original post on IAB.com.

Planning and executing a TV campaign used to be simple. Regardless of what inventory you bought, the mechanics were generally the same. Deals were guaranteed on a demo CPM and they would be measured and reported by Nielsen. Creative trafficking was usually pain-free. Time-shifting disrupted things a bit, but Commercial ratings and VOD helped buyers cope with the diminishing supply of live rating points.

But now, as a confluence of factors have brought upon us Advanced TV, we are faced with a TV industry that’s more complex than ever. Addressable TV has been around for a number of years now, but with the advent of OTT devices and new streaming services popping up all the time, we as an industry are starting to view this opportunity in a new light—as part of a bigger push to eliminate wasted impressions, garner insights into TV campaigns, and finally tie exposures to outcomes for true attribution. Fueled by data, this new landscape goes beyond the age/sex demographic and into targetability and granularity in a very digital-like manner.

However, despite the obvious benefits there is still confusion in the marketplace as to how each are transacted, measured, and trafficked differently. The goal of this reference guide is to bring clarity to this space so that when there are conversations between the buy and sell side (and everyone in between) everyone is starting with the same basic level of understanding.

We have attempted to collect “just the facts” and organized this chart so that it starts with Traditional Linear TV and becomes increasingly ‘advanced’ along the way. The chart becomes more addressable, more data-infused, more on-demand, and more digital as you move from left to right. This guide will aid you in determining which avenues make the most sense for your brand. Grouped into five sections, you will gain an understanding into the transactional nature of each, the state of measurement, and even how the ads themselves are trafficked.

Given today’s rapid pace of change, we expect to be making updates to this document as the Advanced TV space continues to evolve. Please read this as an invitation to join the conversation with us.

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