How Planet Oat Leveraged Interactive Video to Elevate Their Video Strategy

By Ashley Kaczmar • September 30, 2019


Planet Oat, a popular non-dairy milk brand, sought to deepen connections with their audience through an innovative video solution. They needed a technology that would:

  • Drive deeper engagement with the audience
  • Power successful sequential messaging
  • Provide insight into how the audience engaged with the video


KERV’s technology is powered by cutting-edge, patented AI and machine learning technology, which allows their products to identify any object in any video better than the human eye. These objects can then be turned into interactive elements, which gives users a way to create their own journeys and provides brands with deeper insight into their video performance.

Planet Oat saw the opportunity to elevate their video strategy using KERV Max, KERV’s most comprehensive interactive video solution. Using KERV Max, Planet Oat was able to layer numerous interactive elements over the previously static video creative. This not only resulted in an increase in campaign performance but also highlighted the top-performing scenes and objects that users engaged within the video. This type of insight empowers brands like Planet Oat to optimize their video at every level, including creative.


By leveraging KERV Max, Planet Oat was able to drive lift across the board for their video campaign. In addition to the results below, Planet Oat was also able to leverage KERV’s unique interactor retargeting segments to generate a 2.76% CTR and a 12.86% Interaction Rate through sequential messaging.

  • CTR: 1.12% (10x benchmark)
  • Interaction Rate: 5.17% (47x benchmark)
  • Avg. Time Spent with Asset: 32 seconds (1.7x benchmark)

KERV Sizzle Reel