How Interactive Video Takes Shoppable Ads One Step Further

By Grant Gorton • December 5, 2019

Today, consumers expect a personalized and visually inspiring experience from brands. Shoppable content is the newest trend amongst digital advertisers, and continues to rapidly grow in popularity from online ads to social media. While shoppable ads can support sales goals, interactive video takes ads one step further to support all aspects of your marketing campaign. 

Interactive intelligence combined with shoppable video has become a necessary complement to any brand’s content integration plan. Marketers are finding that a personalized consumer engagement strategy creates a better and more relevant user experience that further drives brand awareness and affinity.

The evolution of consumer-focused marketing strategies are becoming a significant part of the commerce mix. We are in an age of digital transformation that will change the online viewing experience, and further the adoption of technology and data capabilities for marketing solutions.

Foreseeing this new dawn in the video advertising age, KERV created a patented platform that merges shoppable capabilities with personalization and data-driven consumer intelligence. Thus, creating an all-in-one interactive platform that drives results for digital marketers. 

Unlike other interactive video technologies, “KERVing” a video – wrapping our patented technology over an existing ad to make it interactive – does much more than create a shoppable ad. Interactive video takes standard, static videos one step further, and benefits both consumers and brands.

Interactive Video Benefits Consumers

Consumers are looking for interactive and engaging content from their favorite brands. KERV gives consumers more insight into a brand and its message, allowing users to form deeper connections with a brand. 

Consumers can visit a brand site, product pages, shop and learn about individual items without having to leave the video ad. Bringing a website experience into a video ad not only encourages consumers to lean in and engage with your brand, but also provides layers of convenience that supports the path to purchase.

With KERV’s technology applied, videos become more immersive experiences tailored to engage users and their interests while bringing new levels of brand engagement.

Interactive Video Benefits Brands

Brands are looking for ways to reduce the friction between marketing and purchasing. Interactive video gives brands the unique ability to understand their key audiences and intentions through multiple, curated click-throughs and messaging. Beyond simply making a brand impression, interactive video provides a range of consumer insights that marketers want.

What Makes KERV Different?

1. Object-level Recognition

Built on patented technology, KERV is the only interactive video platform that applies cutting-edge machine learning techniques to quickly identify every object, in every scene of a video, by its curved pixel edges. The ability to granularly define objects allows for brands to include more link-out and engagement opportunities, which significantly elevates performance. 

Object-level recognition allows consumers to interact specifically with any item of interest within a video. Meanwhile, brands to receive more sophisticated optimizations to dig deeper into each creative object and themes that resonate with key audiences. 

2. Enhanced Shoppability

Identifying at the object-level within videos allows brand marketers to provide more shoppable opportunities for consumers per video. Each object is uniquely assigned a custom URL, text and title for consumers to learn and shop. Any object a user clicks is saved in a carousel so consumers can go back and look through everything at their convenience. 

3. Action-based Insights

In addition to standard video metrics, KERV reports on 15+ proprietary engagement metrics to provide brands with the deepest insights that unveil the consumer journey. Video intelligence provides actionable data around how audiences actually engage with a brand. Focusing on specific, qualified metrics provides a higher indication of consumer interest and purchase intention, within user groups, that brands can gather from these data points. 

4. Hyper-targeted Engagement Audiences

Understanding what specific user groups are interested in, or interacting with, allows brands to re-target these individuals with creative that is directly related to their interests. Combining object recognition with interactive insights provides an unmatched level of precision to accurately target consumers, encouraging them further down the purchase funnel. 

Re-targeting from object-level interactions provides more value for marketers, because you can drill down and understand exactly what the consumer is interested in from your video. Traditional in-stream only has one click to gain insights from, which is an inaccurate measure of determining user interest. Long gone are the days of only considering completion and user engagement from a single click within an in-stream experience. 

5. Increased Video Performance and ROI

KERV videos have been tested over 100 million unique users and create interaction and engagement rates that well surpass traditional pre-roll. Campaigns that run with KERV technology prioritize time spent with the video asset and quality engagement with brands. In comparison to traditional in-stream videos, brands can expect:

  • 20X higher user engagement
  • 6X higher interaction rates
  • 5X higher CTR
  • 4X more time spent with your brand

6. Increased Optimizations

With granular data on user interaction, KERV can define and create specific touch patterns, by video, and serve creative, whether video or banners, to encourage future interaction with a brand and its products. Interactive insights are more reliable in terms of assessing purchase intention and consumer interest. Brands are provided with factual information to assist in future creative planning.

No matter your buying preferences, all data metrics are shared for current campaign performance and create intender groups for future campaigns via KERV and other key partners. 

7. Technology for Any Video

Any brand is able to benefit from KERV’s technology, as the technology simply takes existing videos and automatically layers it with interactivity and engagement points. No need to create a specific video to reap the benefits of interactive video. 

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