How Interactive Video Can Help Your Business Grow Digitally

By kerv • April 8, 2020

To help companies transform and boost their value proposition in reaction to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, KERV helps maximize the value of ad spend by creating interactive experiences from existing videos.

KERV’s patented interactive video technology is a powerful tool for advertisers and content creators, especially during these times where digital communication is not only suggested but required. With interactivity, video marketers can expect increased engagement, clicks, time spent with ads and conversions with object-level intelligence and shopability.

KERV’s core technology has many use cases, including the ability to quickly transition online video assets into interactive e-commerce experiences. Adding interactivity to videos allows marketers to provide multiple sets of organized information into one area, creating convenience for each user. Not only does interactive video help brands stand out from the mass online crowd, but it allows users to engage when and how they want.

All brand verticals benefit from interactive video, including household appliances, retail, sports, automotive, gaming and technology and more.

  • Household and appliance brands: KERV drives awareness and purchase intent for consumer products by bringing key features to the forefront of a brand’s online video. KERV’s patented precision allows for not only each appliance to be uniquely interactive, but it can break objects into additional objects to allow interactive opportunity at the attribute level which highlights each item’s bells and whistles. Marketers can now bring the showroom and shelves into the homes of relevant consumers. Without the ability to currently go into these stores and touch, feel and learn more about these products, KERV’s technology allows shopping and exploration to occur digitally, taking those product features to the consumer through existing video assets. Brands like Fisher & Paykel have benefit from KERV’s technology in video campaigns.

  • Retail brands: KERV brings products, details, offers, news, etc. directly into video assets with the ability to build shopping carts, learn about products and navigate directly to URL destinations of choice – all from inside the video ad. Brands like Carhartt have experienced increased click-through-rates of 1,040% above the standard benchmark, and doubled brand interaction time. Neiman Marcus and Vogue have also benefit from KERV by organically driving up engagement from target audiences.
  • Sports brands: KERV transforms existing videos into experiences, heightening levels of engagement and commerce. Callaway Golf was able to use KERV’s data-driven metrics to identify which consumers preferred different gold clubs, and then provided specific interactive ads based on each audience’s preference.

  • Automotive brands: KERV provides a brand-new way for consumers to experience products/services online. Interactive video allows automotive brands to create a digital car showroom that brings all of the information car buyers need to know into one place. Consumers can engage with each automotive feature; test drive the vehicles via interaction and learn more about each feature and option without leaving the video creative – bringing the in-person car buying experience to the creative.

  • Gaming and technology brands: KERV is able to pull in specific game attributes, less obvious features, sequentially communicate with customers, drive downloads and make a video ad a game of its own. Users can experience the game, or learn how to play, just by viewing an online ad.

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