How can a single TVC unpack customer engagement, sales and retention? By being smarter and levelling up with personalised, actionable, dynamic ads on CTV

By Zoe Kostos, Head of Commercial Innovation, Paramount • April 4, 2023

Customer-centric approaches that deliver meaningful, personalised and actionable experiences, deliver the biggest impact for advertisers, ensuring agility to keep up with the pace of change. This isn’t a novel approach and advancements continue with the same core principle of providing the best value exchange to customers that positively correlates with business results. It’s just that the technology is evolving at incredible pace, empowering a single TVC to level up and deliver better ROI than ever. Paramount’s Head of Commercial Innovation, Zoe Kostos, unpacks what marketers need to know.

Ad impressions on premium streaming video content, have traditionally provided a simple representation of how many people see an ad on the biggest screen in the house.  

Today, the category has evolved, allowing advertisers to extract more value from every impression providing unparalleled customer insights anchored in business outcomes. Understanding what drives engagement, sales, and retention is now possible from a single brand TVC.

Why do brands need to level up?

Today’s customers are unpredictable but in more control of their experience, which is shaking up the role of the traditional marketing funnel.

Digital transformation accelerates innovation to meet these customers’ needs, allowing them to control their experience with a brand and engage on their own terms. It’s reported that 70 per cent of organisations either have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one.*

This transformation also allows brands to be agile, optimising customer experiences and messages using technology versus manual production.

Over the past two years, customer buying behaviours have evolved exponentially, resulting in the rise of e-commerce, with over 20 per cent of retail purchases expected to take place online this year**. This evolution has driven the adoption of shoppable advertising solutions which allow advertisers to close the loop between media impressions and fragmented online and offline transactions.

Across the connected TV (CTV) environment, brands are leaning into this opportunity to leverage their creative within shoppable formats to provide actionable and frictionless experiences that delivers business results.

This transformation coupled with advertiser demand are influencing the shift from CTV as an awareness platform, to a platform that’s able to reach consumers at any stage of the marketing funnel. This offers an advertising platform that can deliver marketing outcomes through enriched customer understanding, delivering relevance at scale and increasing return on advertising spend.  

Levelling up the impression… brought to life.

Brands are leaning into technology platforms like KERV Interactive to level up their TVC activations through dynamic, data-driven creative, transforming a single brand TVC into numerous, personalised videos for every audience segment, in any context, combined with an engaging call to action.

In the U.S., advertisers like Audi are using this customer-centric approach to level up their creative using data triggers like location to surface the nearest Audi dealerships within a single creative. Audi drove users located in 115 different postcodes to local dealerships, all from a single brand TVC.

Delivering an actionable and frictionless experience is certainly one benefit of shoppable media, but the real value lies in the power of personalisation, combined with product and sales insights to maximise ROI.

In the U.S., Paramount are participating in OpenAPs data hub partnership allowing advertisers to adopt a customer-centric approach through agnostic data matches across all publishers. Advertisers can deliver outcomes aligned to their priorities providing a unique opportunity to be meaningful and level up their impressions.

What does it look like here?

At Paramount ANZ. our strategy is centered around unlocking shared value and business growth with our clients by delivering meaningful connected customer experiences through our innovative use of data and technology.

At our Upfronts we announced several key partnerships with leading ad tech companies including KERV Interactive and Innovid to accelerate the growth of innovation on our platforms.

Over the last six months we’ve bolstered our advertising product suite with the launch of SmartSNAP, Dynamic Video, BrandBOOST and AdSelector with a pipeline of new advertising solutions to come this year.   

We’ve seen a significant uptake from the market in these ad experiences, with advertisers leaning into the opportunity to make their advertising efforts more efficient by streamlining ad development and delivering highly personalised and contextual creative to deliver results.

A smarter, actionable, single impression.

As customer needs continue to evolve and ad technology across streaming video becomes more advanced, the opportunity to understand your customers on a greater more sophisticated level through a single impression is now possible.

Brands should start thinking about how they can tap into this opportunity, combining their TVC with data-driven advertising solutions to extract more value from every impression to achieve results. If they don’t, they’ll simply continue to work harder, while everyone else works smarter.

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